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Oscar Mayer looks to keep cookout season alive with socially distant barbecues (MC)

With Memorial Day right around the corner and weather warming up, American barbecue season — and sales of grill-ready items like hot dogs — would be starting to ramp up under normal circumstances. However, coronavirus-related lockdowns and social distancing mandates stand in the way of typical summer gatherings, so Oscar Mayer is searching for a workaround that aims to keep the spirit of the season alive while also supporting the brand’s social media presence.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Why is cookout season important to Oscar Meyer?
  2. Based on information from this story, describe this campaign from Oscar Meyer.
  3. Why do you think Oscar Meyer chose to launch this campaign in the lead up to Memorial Day Weekend?
  4. According to this news story, how has the COVID-19 crisis impacted Kraft Heinz?
  5. In your opinion, how will consumers respond to this campaign?
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