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Pepsi Is Discontinuing Sierra Mist In Favor of All-New Sprite Competitor

Argue all you want over the great Pepsi vs. Coke debate, but there’s no dispute when it comes to Sierra Mist. The Sprite-wannabe is just that, a wannabe, which is precisely why the brand is discontinuing the flavor and trying again. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is Starry?
  2. What is product management?
  3. What is a product life cycle?
  4. In which stage of the product life cycle is Sierra Mist?
  5. In which state is Starry?
  6. What is competition?
  7. Why is competition important to consumers?
  8. Why do you think Pepsi chose to discontinue Sierra Mist and launch a new Sprite competitor?
  9. What is market research?
  10. How did market research help Pepsi to make that decision?
  11. What is product development?
  12. What types of considerations do you think were made as Pepsi developed a new product to compete with Sprite?
  13. Who represents Pepsi’s target market for the new product?
  14. Why do you think that consumer group represents their target market?
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