Call Me Maybe

I think it is safe to say Carly Rae Jepsen has taken the world by storm.  Her hit single, Call Me Maybe, enjoyed the top spot on both The Billboard and Canadian Hot 100 and went to number-one in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  It has also sold nearly 7.5 million copies to date.  The song’s video has over 225 million views on YouTube.

While the pop star’s success is nothing to sneeze at, it also isn’t something we haven’t seen before.  Plenty of artists have enjoyed commercial success on par with Jepsen.  I’m not so sure, however, that we’ve seen the sports community gravitate to a song like this, particularly from a social media perspective.

Consider all the places “Call Me Maybe” has popped up in recent months.  Back in July, the USA swim team’s parody of Jepsen’s video quickly went viral just two days before the London Games, amassing more than 3.5 million views in just a few short days (including 600,000 views in just 24 hours). As of this posting, the video has been viewed almost 8 million times.  The Harvard baseball team’s rendition of the video has been viewed nearly 16 million times and the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders’ version has over 11 million views.  The mascots of the Big 10 conference have a parody of the video on YouTube, so does Finland’s women’s basketball team.  Even the Pittsburgh Steelers released a version of the video during training camp.  Based on the viral success of all these videos, it is safe to assume the tributes won’t stop anytime soon.

The question is, who benefits most from all the parodies?  The athletes/teams from all the publicity or Jepsen?