SCC’s Student Ticket Promotion Contest

We challenged students to get creative and come up with a ticket promotion idea in a friendly competition judged by a panel of sports industry professionals. With well over 100 entries, here were thirteen that stood out in some way, shape or form to our judges. A HUGE shout out to Ohio University Sports Admin faculty and alumni for their assistance in judging the competition, as well as our other industry panelists. Your feedback is invaluable to our students!
2014 “Ticket Sales Promotion” Student Competition: Here’s your chance to show your sports marketing savvy, creativity and expertise with a chance to win some really cool prizes. To make things even more interesting, we have a panel of five industry professionals who work in ticket sales who will participate in the judging process!Either as a class or individually, students are encouraged to come up with their OWN promotional ticket night idea. Three students will be selected as winners and are eligible to win some cool prizes.


  • Students must explain how this promotion will help attract fans to the game (and identify what type of game…NHL, MLS NBA, minor league baseball?) and generate publicity for the organization w/ a possible sponsor (or cause marketing) tie-in
  • Students should consider ALL the variables that impact the fan experience…concessions, food, ticket price, game entertainment etc.
  • Students must explain how they will promote the event (social media, advertising etc.)
  • Students should have fun!

Montana Sports Marketing Students Go Behind-the-Scenes in Portland, OR

We (students of Capital High School) really enjoyed the great opportunity to travel to Portland and have the chance to experience the amazing things Portland has to offer. The tour of Nike Headquarters was very interesting and we all appreciated the welcoming tour guide and campus. The Moda Center was a very cool and great chance to visit a NBA franchise. The Trailblazers game was crazy! We are all so grateful we got the chance to experience it. All around the Portland trip was really exciting and knowledgeable for us all…thank you, Sports Career Consulting, for creating this amazing opportunity for us!

Tjaden Pallister, Capital High School Senior
Caleb Patt, Capital High School, Junior

One of the best high school experiences I attended was the Sports Marketing Summit in Portland, OR.  Throughout the trip we toured the Nike World Headquarters, Moda Center, Jen-Weld, and attended a Portland Trail Blazers game.  We also ate at Voodoo Doughnuts and the food trucks, we don’t have many food trucks in Helena, Montana.  One of the best presentations we’ve ever listened to was at the Wieden & Kennedy Advertising Agency!  We learned about the process of making a commercial and the time that goes into them. We enjoyed hearing from the representative of ticket sales from the Trailblazers and the marketing techniques that the Timbers and Nike use.  We were given a ton of information and had a great time on the trip…hope we get to do it again next year!

Trevor Larson, Capital High School Junior
Mathew Lefsoski, Capital High School Junior