Action Sports on Tour…

I saw this upcoming show being promoted on a recent trip to Las Vegas and thought it was interesting and could present a good teaching opportunity:

Travis Pastrana is one of the most recognizable names in action sports so it makes total sense for him to headline an action sports tour like this.  Structured as a “touring” event, the benefits are twofold as this will certainly help extend his personal brand while helping to grow the popularity of the sport.  Taking the event on tour is a great way to bring the excitement of action sports to markets that haven’t had an opportunity to see events like the X Games or Dew Tour live and in person.


1) What is a brand?  Is action sports a brand?  Is Travis Pastrana a brand?

2) Why do you think they are touring rather than hosting one main event in one location?

3) What demographics might define the typical action sports fan?

4) What type of sponsors might be interested in reaching action sports fans?


The Art of the Concert Poster…In Sports

The Columbus Blue Jackets have enjoyed a TON of buzz from a new initiative this year.  It looks like they enlisted the talents of graphic designer Anthony Zych (follow him on Twitter @anthonyzych) to create game-day prints promoting Blue Jackets games, each customized based on opponent.

They have been wildly popular among fans, many who apparently are disappointed they cannot purchase them as of yet.  They are, however, available as digital downloads for free.  Based on the reception Anthony’s designs thus far, one would expect the team to continue releasing the graphics. My guess is that Anthony’s services will soon be in high demand…my only question is, why isn’t every team doing this?

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

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“Hoosiers” & Pacers Team Up

I love what the Indiana Pacers are doing to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic basketball movie, ‘Hoosiers’.  In a comprehensive cross promotion campaign, the team is doing everything from donning replica “throwback” uniforms from the film to engaging in a fun mobile marketing effort.

Through the team’s social media, the team used the hashtag #HickoryPacers in a nod to the high school team which was the focal point of the film.

The Pacers also engaged in a unique mobile marketing strategy in the traditional sense by touring the city in the team bus used in the film.  They also made a stop at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Check out the team’s tweet with members of the mobile team (including the team’s mascot) participating in the storied tradition of “kissing the bricks.”

Nice work on a fun cross promotion by all parties involved!