SCC FFL Sports Marketing Competition – Individual Awards

We saw another fantastic effort from all of our schools in SCC’s sports marketing fantasy football league.  This year’s competition was fierce with the top seven spots in the standings being determined by just a few points.  Overall, our participating schools (25 different schools representing 15 different states) showed a lot of creativity while demonstrating a great understanding of the sports business principles that provide the foundation of our curriculum programs.  It is always rewarding to see how well students can apply some of the fundamental lessons to a project like this…

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SCC FFL Sports Marketing Competition – Ticket Sales & Sponsorship Point Distribution & FINAL Standings

Congrats to Karen Russo’s class at Hinsdale Central High School in Illinois for winning our fantasy football sports marketing competition.  The Las Vegas Dealers managed to put a little space between themselves and the rest of the league with a fantastic response to our fifth and final sports marketing challenge which required the team to develop a ticket sales and sponsorship strategy.

The Las Vegas Dealers #LETSROLL 2016-17 SCC FFL Sports Marketing Champs!

The next five spots in the standings were decided by just a few points, giving us the closest finish we’ve had in this competition.  Congrats to Elaine Post’s class in Atwater, California and Julie Eckhart’s class at Westosha Central in Wisconsin for finishing second and third, respectively (separated by just two points).  Both schools will be treated to a pizza party as a reward for finishing in the top three.  Kirk Helferich’s class at the Kent Career and Tech Center in Michigan finished in a close fourth with John Robinson’s Sycamore HS class in Ohio a few points behind in fifth place.  Lee Geffert’s class at Richardson High School in Texas finished in sixth, just four points shy of a top five finish.

Congratulations are in order for ALL of our participating schools.  Students this year submitted some really amazing responses to our sports marketing challenges all season…such an impressive group of kids this year, no doubt the result of the efforts of some outstanding sports marketing teachers.  Kudos to all for a great season!

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SCC FFL Sports Marketing Competition – Fan Experience Project Point Distribution & Current Standings

The fourth sports marketing challenge issued to schools competing in our Fantasy Football competition focused on the development of a fan experience strategy.  In what has been a common theme throughout this year’s competition, all of our schools submitted really impressive responses to the challenge.  It has been fun to see the creativity really shine through…

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