Around the Horn: Feb. 19th

The folks at Deadspin are examining ESPN’s Sports Center content in a way only Deadspin can.  In a piece called “Bristolmetrics”, the website provides an extremely comprehensive breakdown and analysis of Sports Center coverage.  According to the report, the show mentioned the term “Lin” more often than “if” or “but” in a telecast last week.

One interesting takeaway from their findings is the amount of NHL coverage during the SC telecast.  In the “Time Devoted to Individual Sports” category, just 4.2% of coverage was devoted to the NHL.  No longer a broadcast partner with the NHL, one can only wonder if Sports Center would devote more coverage to the hockey league if games were broadcast on their network.  Seems soccer never received any ESPN love until the network invested in FIFA World Cup rights (through 2014) and the MLS deal back in 2006.  In fairness, ESPN does carry MLB games and SC devoted even fewer minutes to baseball than the NHL…just an observation but would be curious to keep an eye out to see if any trends develop.

Brilliant PR move from the Rochester Lancers of the Major Indoor Soccer League.  The team offered former NBA star Allen Iverson a $40,000 deal to play in the team’s final two home games with a $5,000 bonus for each goal he scored.  It was reported earlier this week that Iverson, who banked over $200 million during his NBA career, is now bankrupt.  If he is indeed desperate enough to accept the Lancers’ offer, the team will likely recoup those costs at the turnstiles.  If not, the club still generates invaluable media exposure.

Seems you can find just about anything on eBay these days, especially for sports memorabilia afficionados.  A game-worn Jeremy Lin jersey from his time with the Erie BayHawks (of the NBA’s Developmental League) is available right now on the popular online auction site.  Bids start at $4,000.  For an additional $1,000, Lin fans can also bid on his high school yearbook.  Earlier this week, reported that the jersey, shorts and warm-ups worn by Lin during his debut for the Knicks in December sold on eBay for $40,000.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban mailed one recruit 105 letters…in just one day.  Ask yourself, is there any difference between recruiting and marketing?  No word on whether the recruit referred to the letters as junk mail.

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