Around the Horn: March 28th

Anyone notice during the weekend March Madness telecasts that the NCAA is really pushing their social media platforms?  They even featured prominent courtside signage during games directing fans to visit the NCAA website (  The page provides a portal to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare pages. At first glance, it seems they could have done more with the page.  One glaring omission was the presence of a link to a Pinterest page.  Given the obvious emphasis on driving fans to visit NCAA social platforms, it seems capitalizing on the tournament hype would provide the ideal forum for the launch of a branded Pinterest effort.

Quick observation:  This year’s Final Four pits two adidas teams (Louisville, Kansas) against two Nike schools (Kentucky, Ohio State)…however, the early Vegas odds suggest it will be an all Nike final.

WOW.  Rick Pitino is now a masterful 10-0 in Sweet 16 games…guess that’s why they pay him the big bucks (he made $7.5 million last year).

From the Twitterverse (via @darrenrovell): “Nike bought Converse for about $300 million in 2003. Nike CFO Don Blair just said it is now a $2.5 billion global brand.”  Obviously more to the brand these days than just Chuck Taylors…

Stat of the Week (via Reuters news service):  UPS expects to handle 30 million items (from equipment & drug samples to beds for athletes’ village) for London Games…guess you could say their investment as a sponsor of the 2012 Olympics is already paying dividends.

According to a story published on today, if the Los Angeles Dodgers sale goes through (as it is expected to do), Frank McCourt will be the most financially successful Major League Baseball team owner in league history.  Perhaps Mr. McCourt knew what he was doing all along…