Around the Horn: March 6th

Today the Oreo cookie celebrates its 100th birthday.  The popular dessert received plenty of attention on Twitter with “happy birthday” tweets coming from a long list (and wide range) of fans, including Yoda, the Food Network, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, McDonald’s and PETA.  Among those not sending any birthday greetings, Shaq, Eli Manning, Apolo Ohno, the four athletes featured in last summer’s “Triple Double” promotional campaign…

From the Twitterverse, via @KellyTilghmanGC: “Honda Classic final rd ratings on NBC up 78% over each of last 3 yrs. It drew a 3.2 overnight, peaking at 4.3 #Tiger #Rory.”  Going out on a limb here but I bet event organizers, sponsors, NBC and advertisers were all pleased to get an up front and personal look at the “Tiger Effect.”

Apparently a Michigan man recently filed a lawsuit over movie theater concession prices…I’m sure stadium and arena managers will be keep a watchful eye on how that suit plays out.

Forbes recently published a fantastic piece that examines the Oscar winning documentary Undefeated (about a down-on-its-luck high school football team in Memphis) with an economic translation.  According to the story, “Life is economics, and Undefeated perhaps unwittingly offers clarity in certain areas.”