Believe to Achieve

We are excited to re-post a blog entry from two years ago featuring one of my favorite people, Mr. Howard “H” White, in the lead up to our 9th Annual “Believe to Achieve” conference.  The event is hosted by the Jordan Brand on campus at Nike’s World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon and will take place on November 8th.  Sports Career Consulting is proud and honored to again partner with “H” to offer this amazing opportunity for high school business and marketing students.

“H” is a long time industry exec with an amazing track record of success at Nike, Inc. and the Jordan Brand.  In addition to all his accomplishments in business and in life, “H” has mentored and inspired many people over the years (myself included).  To hear more of his stories (and he has a lot of them), I highly recommend picking up a copy of his book, “Believe to Achieve:  See the Invisible, Do the Impossible”. Click here to purchase your copy on 

Life’s Simple Lessons
By Howard “H” White, Vice President, Jordan Brand

I’m the Vice President for the Jordan Brand, a division of Nike Inc., and a graduate of the University of Maryland where I played basketball. I’m from Hampton, Virginia and was an All-American in High School even though I didn’t start playing basketball until the 9th grade. That was when I switched schools to attend a pretty much all white junior high school. I’d left an all black school to attend it. I was following a girl there and it was the only reason that I went to the school. That in itself isn’t a big deal but will give you some context as to why I’ve become the person that I’ve become. There are a lot of people that fancy the idea of becoming an executive at a major company. Being a VP at Nike and the Jordan Brand has been the experience of a lifetime. I was always a decent student. People always ask me what I studied in school. What direction should they take to get to my position or a position like mine? Most people want to be a big wig or a big shot at a fun company. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years with famous athletes that most think are great. I’ve mentored the likes of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Deion Sanders, Moses Malone, Cynthia Cooper, Tiger Woods and many others. How did I get here?  Stick around and let me share a few simple life lessons…

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Twitter (and other social media platforms) have a unique ability to manufacture “holidays”, finding reasons to celebrate something just about every day.  With today being Dr. Seuss’ birthday, it is only fitting that “DrSeussDay” is currently trending on Twitter.  Perhaps not coincidentally, #WednesdayWisdom” is also trending.

I love this.  If you think about it, Dr. Seuss should be credited with the creation of the first “motivational poster” through his illustrations and wisdom shared in his books.  Today provides a seamless and fun opportunity for teams to create motivational messaging to share with their fan base.  An inspirational post is more powerful than traditional content in the sense that it creates an emotional connection to the brand.  Tying a message to something as simple as #DrSeussDay and #WednesdayWisdom creates an authentic and organic means for reaching fans of all ages.

Surprisingly, few teams have jumped on the opportunity thus far.  A quick scan of my timeline shows a limited number of posts with #DrSeuss hashtags.  Considering how many teams participate in anything from #NationalToastDay to #LEAPDAY, it seems a bit surprising that more teams haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity today’s “holiday” provides.

That said, here are a few examples of how the sports business business world is taking a moment to pay tribute to the great Dr. Seuss.  If you think about it, Dr. Seuss is actually the originator of the “motivational poster” we see so often in sports through the illustrations and wisdom shared through his books.

The Carolina Panthers’ mascot is all in on #DrSeussDay!

Dartmouth Hockey took a moment to recognize Dr. Seuss as one of the school’s most influential alumni.

The Houston Astros posted a motivational image for fans.  This seems like a slam dunk idea for any team today.

The Houston Texans posted a vine with a player hopping out of the tunnel to start a game with a reference to a Seuss classic, “Hop on Pop.”  Adding visuals like vines and gifs can create an even stronger emotional connection with fans.

This image was posted on NBA on TNT’s Twitter account with the caption “Starring Splash 1 and Splash 2” in tribute to the Golden State Warriors’ “Splash Brothers.” Pretty clever.
Creating content worth sharing through social channels is always a challenge.  Creativity can be key when trying to capture the attention of fans so kudos to those who have jumped on the #DrSeussDay train today.