The Art of the Concert Poster…In Sports

The Columbus Blue Jackets have enjoyed a TON of buzz from a new initiative this year.  It looks like they enlisted the talents of graphic designer Anthony Zych (follow him on Twitter @anthonyzych) to create game-day prints promoting Blue Jackets games, each customized based on opponent.

They have been wildly popular among fans, many who apparently are disappointed they cannot purchase them as of yet.  They are, however, available as digital downloads for free.  Based on the reception Anthony’s designs thus far, one would expect the team to continue releasing the graphics. My guess is that Anthony’s services will soon be in high demand…my only question is, why isn’t every team doing this?

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

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Bobbleheads with a twist

Bobblehead promotions have been around for more than sixteen years but they won’t be going away anytime soon.  Giveaways featuring the quirky nodding dolls are still the most popular promotion among sports teams everywhere.  In fact, ESPN reported that the 2015 Major League Baseball season included a whopping 121 different bobble giveaways, ranging from a “talking” Harry Doyle (Bob Eucker’s character from the film ‘Major League’) to a Jonathan Lucroy doll with a green light saber in his hand on “Star Wars” night in Milwaukee.

Speaking of bobblehead dolls and Milwaukee, a “Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum” is slated to open in 2016 in the downtown area.  According to its website, it will be a “high-quality museum with the world’s largest collection of bobbleheads and will feature dozens of exhibits related to the history of bobbleheads, making of bobbleheads and much more.”

One of my favorite variations of the popular giveaway is a bobblehead that commemorates a specific moment.  One that captures a moment and pays tribute in a fun and unique way.  A great example is an upcoming promotion hosted by Georgia State University when the men’s basketball team will distribute bobbleheads that replicate the moment the team’s head coach fell off his chair during one of the more memorable moments of last season’s March Madness.  Promotions like these go above and beyond the traditional bobblehead by connecting a promotional item to an event that invokes memories and connects fans to the emotions they felt “in the moment.”

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Student Logo Design Competition

In our latest sports marketing competition, we asked students at our member schools to redesign their school athletics logo as part of a hypothetical rebranding / brand extension effort. Here are the “sweet sixteen” finalists and we will be voting on the winners bracket style (bracket will be posted soon). The winning student will receive a prize consistent with his or her ideal area of study and career goals (in other words an art student will receive something different from a marketing student…we will be offering the winner a selection of prizes to choose from but it will be a significant prize!) The TOP THREE designs will win a t-shirt featuring their design AND SCC will help to coordinate an interview, skype call, google hangout, phone call, job shadow or something along those lines with a sports or entertainment property in their local area in their ideal field of study so please be ready to vote…there is a lot on the line for our participants!

We just posted our “sweet sixteen” finalists for our logo design competition among students at our member schools. We will be seeding the logos and placing them in a march madness style bracket next week. Please like your favorite logo and the logos will be seeded from there accordingly. Thanks for participating and good luck to all the designers! PLEASE VOTE HERE:

Good luck to all and thanks for entering the competition! Many thanks also to Henry Ammann at Tigard HS in Oregon for lending his creative expertise to the project!

High School Sports Marketing 101

The following guest post comes courtesy of Joe Barcellos, Athletic Director at Los Banos High School in California.  Joe has done an outstanding job the past several years marketing, promoting and branding the high school athletics program at Los Banos.  He has been kind enough to share some of his experiences with our readers on our blog click here for more info. Thanks Joe and keep up the great work!

First some quick background….I am in my 23rd year of teaching, which I spent the first 21 also coaching. I have coached sophomore football, sophomore basketball, sophomore softball and varsity basketball all for the same school I went to and town I grew up in.  During my time as varsity basketball coach I utilized a lot of various fundraisers for my team which was really my only ‘stab’ at marketing my team. I became athletic director three years ago and one of the first things that crossed my desk, or maybe it was an email, was this conference called “High School Sports Marketing Summit” hosted by Chris Lindauer with Sports Career Consulting. It looked interesting (and it was in Vegas) so I figured why not…..the rest is history!

While at this conference I learned so much from Chris, his presenters, and others in attendance that I utilize today and have started my quest to learn as much as I can about ways to market my athletic program and raise money. Many of the things I learned at that first conference, I attended the second one in Portland as well, I still use and implement today. Handwritten thank-you notes, how to brand your product, how to promote your events, game operations, rate cards and social media to name a few. I have been fortunate enough to do this all at the school where I graduated from so many years ago and where I bleed cardinal and gold!

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