SCC FFL Current Standings – Challenge #1 Point Distribution

Congrats to the students in Bob Kelly’s class at Waverly High School in New York for currently sitting in first place in SCC’s fantasy football sports marketing competition. Aided by a strong response to the first sports marketing challenge (development of a sports marketing plan), they look to build momentum as we head into week two of our competition.  Nicole Rusch’s class at Pine Island High School in Minnesota is in a second place while Kim Radford’s students at Blacksburg High in Virginia are in a very close third.  Really impressive effort from ALL of our schools in response to the first sports marketing challenge.  This is already shaping up to be one of our most competitive sports marketing competitions yet!

We have a few shout outs for individual schools in recognition of their responses to the first sports marketing challenge for this week:

Westfield Warriors:

While we have some real concerns as to whether a small market in Wisconsin can support a professional football team, we’d be more worried if you selected a city outside of the Badger state.  It worked in Green Bay, why not in Westfield?  

Nice job with the marketing plan…you nailed it!  Fantastic job laying out a strategic plan for building your fan base with a wide reach, an absolute must for any sports team that hopes to succeed in a new market.  Great job with the breakdown of potential competitors, right down to the local go-kart park.  Well done Warriors front office!

San Antonio Serpents:

Pretty cool nickname for the franchise, didn’t realize San Antonio was home to such a wide variety of snake species.  As the old saying goes, you learn something new every day!  The team name is a great fit for the city and will most certainly present the Serpents’ front office staff with some opportunities for fun and creative branding…can’t wait to see what the front office comes up with this season!

Also, interesting strategy to leave plenty of salary cap space for free agents, quite the opposite of the approach taken by most other teams in this competition.  It could pay dividends, but could also backfire if the players on your roster fail to meet performance expectations.

Louisville Rebels:

WOW.  Now THAT is what we’d call a SWOT analysis.  Incredibly thorough, clearly a lot of time and consideration went into the analysis.  Very impressive.  And the marketing mix breakdown?  Awesome.  This might be the first time we have seen such a thorough strategic sales plan as part of the marketing plan.  One might believe your class is actually in the process of moving a professional football franchise to Louisville!

If the response from the Rebels’ front office to the first sports marketing challenge is any indication, the rest of the league could be in trouble this year.  Keep up the good work.

St. Louis Clydesdales:

Love the nickname…very clever and unique, can’t say we have seen this one in the competition before, and the decision to place the franchise in St. Louis could prove to be endearing to a certain company as a prospective sponsor…?  Nice job evaluating potential markets, the Rams certainly left a void when they left…the real challenge will be attracting those fans who felt betrayed by the entire league when the previous franchise decided to re-locate…however, we have no doubt the Clydesdales marketing staff will successfully convert the doubters and bring pro football success back to St. Louis.  Good luck!

Portland Phantoms / Portland Outlaws:

Well this should be fun!  With the league office being based in Portland, OR (stationed at Sports Career Consulting Headquarters), we look forward to seeing the marketing behind not one, not two, but FOUR Portland-based teams this year (Phantoms, Outlaws, Pit Bulls and Pioneers).  This is the first time in this competition that a class has selected Portland as the location for its franchise so it will be exciting to follow along all year!

Some really creative branding already from the Phantoms front office.  No need to wait for the branding challenge as the Phantoms have already introduced a team mascot and team colors, making an instant splash in the new city.  Overall, great marketing plan, and love the attention to detail in recognizing the types of brands that might align with your franchise like REI…understanding your market is a key to the success of any pro sports team.  Well done.

Exceptional job from the Outlaws’ front office on the development of a marketing plan as well…like the Phantoms, nice job describing why Portland would be a nice fit for a professional football franchise.  Loved the focus on sponsorship and opportunities to generate revenue in year one…interesting approach to play in the city’s soccer stadium while a new facility is built.  Great venue, great atmosphere, would certainly be one of the best in the league hands down.  However, with a capacity of under 30,000, could end up hurting the bottom line by not maximizing ticket revenue but totally agree, could create a “destination” mindset while building incredible demand for the product.  Really nice job!

Las Vegas Fighting Cacti:

What a creative nickname!!  Interesting to see how many classes selected Las Vegas as home to their new pro football team, but the Fighting Cacti front office seem to be the ones taking a different approach by positioning the franchise as a family-friendly entertainment option for area residents…really curious to see how this plays out in future challenges but certainly some really creative opportunities to leverage ‘Fighting Cacti’ in the team’s marketing.  Good stuff!

Hawaiian Great Whites:

Students at Richardson High School have been in the hunt every year in this competition…based on the “Great Whites” response to the first sports marketing challenge, they certainly look like they’ll be making a run at this year’s championship yet again.  Love the logo, some fun opportunities for promotions and the team will sell a ton of team-branded merchandise. 

The marketing plan also featured one of the best mission statements we saw in response to the first challenge, and overall the plan was incredibly detailed, laying out strategies that seem to have the franchise on the right track.  Great job!

Salt Lake City Gila Monsters:

One of our favorite nicknames…seems like the Gila Monsters’ front office could have a lot of fun with this in so many revenue generating areas for the franchise, but especially within the community, which makes sense given the team’s commitment to giving back.  Awesome!

Richmond Richies:

Nice evaluation of market location in selecting Richmond as the city for your franchise, certainly makes sense to select a city centrally located within the state of Virginia.  If this were a NFL franchise, we would obviously have some concerns with the proximity to the D.C. area (home to the Washington Redskins) and Baltimore (Ravens), but in this competition, the market should prove to be ne that could attract a lot of fans. 

Loved the executive summary from your marketing plan as well “We named our franchise the “Richies” because of Richmond’s rich history and culture. We want
to connect with our cultured fan-base. Richmond is located in the central part of the state which allows people from around the state to attend games. Our marketing strategy will feature city themes like success and pride. This strategy will increase ticket sales, attract sponsors, and bring positive attention and money into Richmond.”  The Richies front office is clearly on the right track!


1 Louisville Rebels 399
2 Louisville Lightning 386
3 Portland Outlaws 382
4 Birmingham Magicians (MI) 378
5 Dayton Gems 371
6 Westfield (WI) 367
7 Richmond Richies 360
9 Hawaiian Great Whites (TX) 359
10 Las Vegas BlackJacks 359
11 Buford Empire (GA) 357
12 Mississippi Mudcats 356
13 Flower Mound (TX) 356
14 Hinsdale Central (IL) 355
15 Las Vegas Fighting Cacti 355
16 San Antonio Desperados 353
17 San Antonio Armadillos 352
18 Carl Sandburg HS (IL) 351
19 Louisville Generals (OH) 351
20 WestoshaCentral (WI) 349
21 Wichita Blitz 348
22 Fleetwood Area HS (PA) 344
23 CHHS (TX) 343
24 St. Louis Clydesdales 342
25 Crook County (OR) 341
26 London Admirals (MI) 340
27 Vista Murrieta (CA) 337
28 San Antonio Serpents-WLHS 337
29 Toronto 6ixers 333
30 Dawgz(CA) 330
31 Reno Vators 327
32 Orlando Oranges 327
33 Utah Pioneers 321
34 Varina HS (VA) 320
35 Clarkston High School (WA) 317
36 Andrew HS (IL) 82
38 Murrieta Mesa (CA) 74
39 Woodstock HS (GA) 0
40 North Forsyth (GA) 0