SCC FFL Current Standings – Challenge #3 Point Distribution

They’re back!  Karen Russo’s sports marketing class at Hinsdale Central HS in Illinois has overtaken Nicole Rusch’s class at Pine Island HS in Minnesota for first place in SCC’s fantasy football sports marketing challenge.  Thanks to a fantastic response to the third sports marketing challenge (community relations), the Omaha Outlaws front office is in great position to defend last year’s championship.

The San Antonio Roughriders, managed by Carolyn Province’s class at Grapevine HS in Texas, currently sits in third place while Andy Rucker’s class at Vista Murrieta HS in California (Honolulu Surf) enjoyed a big surge, jumping from 9th place to 4th.

Overall, ALL of our participating schools have done a fantastic job with this project thus far. The responses to our sports marketing challenges have been incredibly impressive and the league office is looking forward to seeing what the students come up with for the remaining challenges! Follow along via our blog (or @sportsbized on Twitter) for updates as the season rolls along and be sure to encourage and support those schools in your local area!

Points have been distributed for each team’s response to the community relations component of this competition (sports marketing challenge #3). Updated standings are below as well as a few individual “shout outs” for particularly creative and unique community relations strategies…keep up the great work everyone!

Honolulu Surf (Vista Murrieta HS / CA):

We were really impressed with the schools that did the homework to identify which players on their rosters were making a positive impact in their respective communities.  Really cool to see the Surf franchise take things a step further by suggesting how those community relations efforts would translate specifically to the Honolulu community. 

For example, identifying the important role Honolulu’s “Hawaii Free Holiday and Christmas Programs” play in the area, then connecting Zach Ertz’s “Bring Hope Home” initiative to the franchise is a great way to build support with fans throughout Hawaii.  Clearly you spent a lot of time on this challenge and your efforts were rewarded with one of the highest scores!  Really, really well done.  

Toronto Tundra (Central HS / WI):

Nice job with the inclusion of multiple press releases, in particular featuring the team’s 2017-18 game schedule with the release announcing the team’s expansion to the Toronto market for this season.  Anyone involved in sales for a sports franchise will tell you how important things like that are in helping to fill the stands and build enthusiasm for the team, particularly for a team trying to strengthen their presence in a new market.  Really forward thinking from the Tundra front office.  Nice work!

San Diego Sharks (Atwater HS / CA):

Loved, loved, LOVED the careful analysis of your fan base demographics and creating your community relations strategy based on that data.  Very evident that you actually did the research, and your score for the challenge reflects that effort.  Super impressive!

Louisville Legends (Blacksburg HS / VA):

One of the coolest community relations programs offered from schools for this particular challenge was the Louisville Legends “Legend of the Week” program.  Good job recognizing the unique platform your franchise has for inspiring goodwill within the community and recognizing fans for their positive contributions is a fantastic idea.  Loved it!

South Texas Wranglers (Richardson HS / TX):

Good job recognizing current “hot button” issues that NFL franchises are facing today with the National Anthem protests and creating a strategy for addressing a polarizing issue that has created a PR challenge for the league and all its teams. 

Also, loved the creative approach with the release of a video statement addressing the team’s position on protests and clearly identifying how the franchise would handle the issue moving forward.  Nice work.

Omaha Outlaws (Hinsdale Central / IL):

Another incredibly thorough response to the sports marketing challenge from the Outlaws’ front office… Fantastic job framing some of the causes your franchise will support with statistics to underscore the importance addressing of these issues.  Creating strategies that will attempt to tackle problems like the obesity epidemic will build goodwill with fans not only in your market, but potentially throughout the country. Perhaps piggybacking on the NFL’s existing “Play 60” could raise even more awareness for your team’s community relations efforts.  Nice job with the “media kit” as well, very evident that your class put a lot of work into this challenge.  Great job!

London Guards (Carl Sandburg HS / IL):

Loved that the Guards’ front office chose to accompany team press releases with advertisements…However, would like to see the ads incorporate a message promoting community relations efforts that the team is involved with, particularly as the NFL expands to a new market overseas.  Overall, another fantastic response to the competition’s sports marketing challenges.  Keep up the great work!


As we head into this weekend’s games, here are the updated standings reflecting the point distribution following the response to sports marketing challenge #3 (community relations). Good luck to all this weekend!