SCC FFL Sports Marketing Challenge #3 Recap & Updated Standings

Halfway through our annual fantasy football sports marketing competition and we are still seeing quite a crowd at the top of the standings.

Congratulations to Kim Radford’s students at Blacksburg HS in Virginia for moving into first place, edging Bob Kelly’s class at Waverly High School in New York by just one point. Matt Kazba’s students at Grant HS in Oregon are just two points off the lead with several other schools still within striking distance .

Overall, ALL of our participating schools have done a fantastic job with this project thus far. The responses to our sports marketing challenges have been incredibly impressive and the league office is looking forward to seeing what the students come up with for the remaining challenges! Follow along via our blog (or @sportsbized on Twitter) for updates as the season rolls along and be sure to encourage and support those schools in your local area!

Points have been distributed for each school’s response to the Public Relations / Community Relations component of this competition (sports marketing challenge #3). Updated standings are below as well as a few individual shout outs for particularly creative, unique and strategic franchise branding ideas, keep up the great work everyone!

Waverly High School, NY (Toronto Thundercats)

Really loved seeing the commitment to community as part of the Thundercats’ overall PR plan by establishing a “12 month presence plan.” Making sure to be involved all-year long, including the off season, will most certainly ingratiate the franchise with the fan base, weaving the brand into the fabric of the community along the way. As summarized by the franchise in their communications plan: “The Toronto Thundercats understands the road to success is a two-way street.” In other words, students at Waverly High recognize the importance of making a positive impact on the community to build a loyal fan base that will support the team through thick and thin. Really well done!

Miami Valley Career Technical Center, OH (Miami Valley Aviators)

Lots of good ideas here from MVCTC students with the third sports marketing challenge, with some sound strategies for establishing a presence throughout the community, including a street fair, kids camp and a volunteer clean up initiative.

We also loved seeing some of those initiatives being highlighted on the Aviators’ website (students created an actual website to demonstrate some of the franchise concepts). Really great stuff from the Aviators’ front office!

Wichita East High School, KS (Wichita Wolves)

One of the more creative community programs from this round of the competition was introduced by students at Wichita East High School in Kansas. Here is the description from the Wolves’ community relations plan: “On October 30, 2021 the Wichita Wolves football organization will host the first annual Halloween Field Day at Field of Screams in Wichita.  Time for the event will be 5:30 – 9:00 p.m.  Along with the maze there will be games such as witch hat ring toss, ghost stacking, tic tac monster, pumpkin carving, and a costume contest.  Admission for the event will be $20 per individual and $35 for families of 3 or more which is good for games and activities.  Proceeds from the event will go to the Wichita Children’s Home.” Great concept from the Wolves’ front office!

Hanford High School, WA (San Diego High Tides)

Loved these custom High Tides camo t-shirts on Military Appreciation Night to help raise awareness AND funds for veterans from Hanford High students…very cool! Also loved some of the other initiatives, inncluding the Fuel Up to Play 60 to promote youth activity and exercise, sending players to local children’s hospitals, and sustainability. Nice job High Tides front office!

Blacksburg High School, VA (Salt Lake City Pioneers)

Beginning with a fan code of conduct, the Pioneers’ front office submitted a fantastic communications plan in round three of this competition. We loved seeing a proactive approach to communicating fan expectations to help establish the best possible fan experience on game days…great idea. The first of MANY in this challenge for the Pioneers.

Other standout ideas from students at Blacksburg High School included:

  • Team partnership with Preservation Utah, including some of the team’s players volunteering as tour guides to help raise awareness for the program
  • Support for a foster care system to help generate awareness and funding by donating proceeds from sales from the team store on game days
  • Aligning with the “Play Like a Girl” charity by leveraging the team’s position as an NFL franchise owned by women to support a program that encourages middle school girls to play sports and pursue careers in STEM…great job maintaining consistency throughout all challenges thus far by continuing to place an emphasis on supporting gender equality at every turn
  • Encouraging players to establish foundations, then helping raise awareness for those causes through a variety team platforms
  • Proactively preparing staff for a crisis management plan on the off chance a public relations crisis were to occur

Really nice job by the Pioneers’ front office!


SchoolTeam NamePoints Possible
Blacksburg High SchoolSalt Lake City Pioneers747
Waverly High SchoolToronto Thundercats746
Grant High SchoolPortland Pines745
Miami Valley Career Tech CenterMiami Valley Aviators742
Green RunVirginia Stallions739
Richardson High SchoolSalt Lake City Mountaineers733
Lyman High SchoolRhode Island Ragers731
Helena High SchoolSalt Lake City Stingers731
Mount Si High SchoolSan Diego Surge730
Montgomery CountyMexico City Chupacabras729
Wichita EastWichita Wolves728
Woodbridge High SchoolPortland Bears727
BFA St AlbansPortland Hurricanes726
Hanford High SchoolSan Diego High Tides722
Elizabethtown High SchoolDover Divas722
Bigfork High SchoolBirmingham Bullfrogs714
Lake TravisAustin Aztecs712
Kellam High SchoolNew York Racoons712
Little ElmPortland Racoons487
Carl Sandburg High SchoolNew York Yorkers473
Victor J Andrew High SchoolPortland Lumberjacks473
Chanute High SchoolAustin Rebels240