SCC FFL Sports Marketing Challenge #3 Scores & Review

Halfway through our annual fantasy football sports marketing competition and we are still seeing quite a crowd at the top of the standings.

Congratulations to Matt Kazba’s class at Grant High School in Portland for (narrowly) holding on to the top spot in this year’s competition thus far. The Portland Pioneers front office lead Kim Radford’s students at Blacksburg HS in Virginia by just one point, and hold a seven point lead over Brandi King’s class at Lyman High School in Florida. The top ten schools are all within thirty points of one another. Needless to say, with three more sports marketing challenges to go, it looks like we are in a for a fantastic finish this season!

Overall, ALL of our participating schools have done a fantastic job with this project thus far. The responses to our sports marketing challenges have been incredibly impressive and the league office is looking forward to seeing what the students come up with for the remaining challenges! Follow along via our blog (or @sportsbized on Twitter) for updates as the season rolls along and be sure to encourage and support those schools in your local area!

Points have been distributed for each school’s response to the Public Relations / Community Relations component of this competition (sports marketing challenge #3). Updated standings are below as well as a few individual shout outs for particularly creative, unique and strategic franchise branding ideas, keep up the great work everyone!

San Antonio Sentinels (Blacksburg HS, Virginia)

Love to see not only a sound plan for addressing COVID-19 and the safety precautions necessary to make fans feel safe, but the communications plan for making sure the message is clearly conveyed to your fan base. This was, after all, the sports marketing challenge requiring a communications plan so very well executed by the Sentinels front office staff.

Loved seeing the mock press conference video with Sentinels’ star QB Lamar Jackson, nice job going way above and beyond what was required for a response to this sports marketing challenge…and the actual website that communicates all safety precautions and team policies relating to the pandemic was absolutely fantastic.

Fantastic response to the first challenge from Blacksburg High School! Well done.

Keystone Wolverines (Dallas HS, Pennsylvania)

One of the more creative ideas for generating publicity for a franchise came from the Wolverines front office with a mobile team-branded vehicle outfitted as an actual Wolverine (and the comparison to the dog car from Dumb and Dumber really helped to paint the picture for us lol). Also loved the idea of designating the area entertainment district (Wolverine Fan Plaza) as not only an area to sell team merchandise and fan experience opportunities like virtual reality experiences, but also as a centralized area to enage in community relations activities like meal distribution for the needy, meeting point for green-initiatives like tree-planting in the community etc.

Some really great ideas presented in response to the third sports marketing challenge from the Wolverines front office. Nice job Dallas HS students!

Portland Pioneers (Grant HS, Oregon)

A second community outreach strategy that we plan to have will be inspired by our crosstown neighbors, the Timbers. The annual “Stand Together week” that the Timbers put on is a week focused on players going out into the community and helping youth, the environment, and social equity. We plan to do  something similar, but to an even larger extent. We will have “The Extra Mile” weekend every month. Our players and coaches will go out in the community to plant trees, pick up trash, and “Go the Extra Mile” for our community. These activities will create a bond between the city and the team that will produce many lifelong fans.

Orlando Owls (Little Elm HS, Texas)

Really liked the “on-brand” community relations initiative of fundraising for burrowing owls, the team’s mascot and an animal on the verge of extinction, and partnering with Disney to host fundraising and awareness events at the popular “Animal Kingdom Oasis Exhibit” theme park attraction seems like a very natural fit that would most certainly capture the attention of your fan base. Making the fundraiser event a fun experience for fans (especially liked the scavenger hunt idea) along with including the team’s players to support the cause and take photos with fans will certainly help the cause as well.

Last but not least, appreciated the attention to detail in researching the local Orlando area news outlets and identifying the best channels for communicating all the team’s community relation efforts. Really nice job from the Owls’ front office. Keep up the good work Little Elm students!

Mexico City Aztecs (Sandburg HS, Illinois)

Nice job researching a worthy cause for the team to support by Sandburg HS students…from the Aztecs’ front office as part of their response to sports marketing challenge #3: “After the sudden Earthquake in Mexico City in 2017, thousands of Mexico City residents were left homeless and are still today due to the fact they don’t have enough money to rebuild a new home.

This fundraiser will give homeless people a place to live for as long as they need to and food to eat. The homeless people won’t need to worry about rent for 6 months, it will all be covered through this fundraiser that is supported by the Mexico City Aztecs. $100,000 will be donated to multiple shelters in the city to help the homeless out after an uncontrolled earthquake. This fundraiser will take place on the property of the Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. This is a well known park in Mexico City. It is right near the Chapultepec forest. Everyone will gather around the park at 9 am on Friday, October 16th and will continue a walk throughout the park to raise money for the homeless until 12 pm. Homeless people will be at this park during this time to enjoy the company of many friendly residents.”

Really nice job identifying a cause that will most certainly have a positive impact on the community, and determining a solution for creating real impact to address the homeless crisis in Mexico City following the catastrophic earthquake. Not only will your franchise donate necessary funds to support shelters, but also providing a place to stay and offering emotional support with a genuine human interaction will most certainly make a positive impact. These are kinds of community relations efforts that will definitely build a bond with your fans and will go a long way in building long-lasting brand loyalty for the Aztecs brand. Great job Sandburg HS students!

Wichita Matadors (Wichita East HS, Kansas)

One of the more creative community relations initiatives came from students at Wichita East High School with its “BOOTACULAR” event to benefit Alzheimer’s. With the platform available to professional sports teams, a franchise can make a profound impact on a cause in more ways than just monetary donations. In this case, the Matadors will help raise not only money, but awareness, for a fantastic cause.

With a family-friendly event like BOOTACULAR, fans of all ages can enjoy a fun team-branded experience, while generating necessary funding to support Alzheimer’s and raising awareness with young fans. Matadors’ fans would no doubt show up in droves to participate in this event. Well done Matadors front office!

SchoolTeam NameTotal Points
Grant HSPortland Pioneers743
Blacksburg HSSan Antonio Sentinels743
Lyman High SchoolOrlando Trash Pandas737
Montgomery CountySan Antonio Honey Badgers735
KCTCSalt Lake Phenoms726
Little ElmOrlando Owls725
Dallas High SchoolKeystone Wolverines724
Carl SandburgMexico City Aztecs718
RandolphLouisville Ridgerunners713
Kellam High School Virginia Beach Sharks710
Wichita East HSWichita Matadors705
Stafford HSMiami Sharks475
Victor J AndrewChi-Town Chargers 470
Richardson HSLittle Rock Badgers463
HCHS College & Career AcademyHonolulu Stingrays236
KIHGrand Rapids Rogue235