Summer Design Academy: A Student Perspective

Today’s featured post comes courtesy of Dylan Warrington, one of the attendees of our Summer Design Academy at Nike.  Dylan just graduated from high school and traveled all the way from Boise to join us at the academy and was kind of enough to spend some time sharing his experience on our blog.  Great post Dylan, love your line at the end “Cast and recast until you reel in what you came for.”  Keep following that mantra and I’m sure it will pay dividends…good luck next year at Boise State and keep in touch!

My name is Dylan Warrington and I was one of the students that participated in the Nike Design Camp! I’m 18, from Idaho, and just graduated high school and will be attending Boise State University! I intend to pursue Kinesiology and/or Graphic Design while on campus as I would like to either be an apparel designer or become a fitness instructor. I know that either of these will be useful going into the Nike industry. I decided to attend the camp because I love to draw and that’s basically what I did all throughout high school. It’s a great escape for me!

My experience on campus was AMAZING to say the least. I’ve never seen or heard of a company that’s so broad, diverse, and beautiful. It’s a work of art, and that’s not just the architecture I’m talking about. Every person I met was so willing to help me out and make an effort to get me to think about my future and where I want to be. I couldn’t have had a better experience. Plus, the carnival on campus, that I only attended for a short time, was incredibly fun and they had Death Cab For Cutie play! Who else does that just for their employees?!

What I learned most during my time at Nike was that you never know what opportunities could be thrown at you on a regular daily basis. Networking and showing passion in what you love to do and want to do are key to your success in life. Not only that but you must always have a hunger for learning, you can’t know everything. Most importantly, just get some experience under your belt. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a good or bad experience. You WILL learn from them as long as you show the drive to pursue them! Just as you should with your dreams. Finally, what I learned from a book I received as a prize, I learned to make goals for yourself. Write it, or them, down somewhere and reflect on it everyday. Think about what you can do better to help yourself achieve greatness. That’s what I believe Nike is all about. Striving to achieve what others didn’t make an effort to do.

This experience has shown me what it takes to make a brighter future for myself. Just throw yourself out there. Life, in a way, is much like fishing. You cast yourself out hoping to get a bite but some times that doesn’t always happen. So you reel yourself back in, brush up on your skills, get a little better every day and MAKE AN EFFORT. Cast and recast until you reel in what you came for. Only then will you know what it really feels like to achieve your own greatness.

Again, thank you so much for the opportunity even though I didn’t win. It’s revealed doors that I never thought I’d have the chance of opening.


Dylan Richard Warrington