Tech Impact on the Future of Sport

Like any other industry, technology continues to have a profound impact on sport.  Tech has improved everything from the viewing experience at home to the actual product on the field.  This infographic from examines the influence of tech on the future of sport.

After reviewing the infographic in class, ask your students some questions relating to the sport product and how tech will impact those products over time.  Some suggestions:

  • What is the sport product?  What are some examples?
  • What are some examples of different segments of the sports industry?
  • Can you think of a specific example of how technology has impacted you personally as a sports consumer?
  • How will technology continue to impact the sport product in the future?
  • Can you think of other examples of tech that have influenced the sports industry not identified in this infographic?
  • While there are obvious advantages to technology in sport, can you think of any disadvantages?


Click here to download a high resolution version of the infographic from