Bonus Content: 2023-24 Season


Bonus Content: 2023-24 School Year


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Marketing Insights Curriculum

Marketing Insights is an exciting new business and marketing curriculum that SCC has developed using a structure similar to our Business of Sports & Entertainment program that you know and love. Marketing Insights provides a new resource for maximizing engagement in any of your business or marketing classes.

Marketing Insights Program Features:
  • Curriculum resource updated every summer
  • Weekly current events with discussion questions
  • Bonus content throughout the school year
  • Periodic virtual Q&A with industry executives discussing a variety of marketing topics and trends

PROGRAM SAMPLE: Marketing Insights

Curriculum Overview:
A printable overview of SCC’s new program, Marketing Insights.

Sample Lesson on Pricing Includes:
Slide Presentation
Quiz & Answer Key
Discussion Deck: “Burger Time!”
Discussion Deck: What is False Advertising?

Bonus Presentation: April Fools Marketing
This presentation reviews the marketing activities of several brands on April Fools Day and discusses the concepts of marketing and publicity stunts.

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This year’s competition is now complete. Files will remain available for download as a preview for next year’s competition.

COMPETITON: Fantasy Football 2023

SCCFL logoSCC’s Fantasy Football Sports Marketing Challenge is a National competition between schools across the country that runs between September and December each year. The competition is designed to replicate real challenges that professional football league executives are faced with every season. In this competition, students learn key sports business concepts ranging from the development of a marketing plan to ticket sales, sponsorship and branding.

The competition features six “sports marketing challenges”, each designed to provide a fun and unique way to teach sports marketing by taking a project-oriented approach to learning. Each challenge aligns with specific lessons from our curriculum with a focus on highlighting some of the most important sports business concepts.   

Package Includes:

Competition packet – an overview of the project, gameplay, rules and tips for winning this year’s competition.
Challenges guide – a guide to all six of the sports marketing challenges featured in this year’s competition.
Due dates cheat sheet – a printable reminder of the due date for each of the challenges.

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Please note, this is a project only. SCC does not currently host a fantasy basketball competition. 

PROJECT: Fantasy Basketball 2023 – 2024

SCC Fantasy BasketballNew this year is a basketball adaptation of our popular fantasy football project! Please note, this is a project only. SCC will not be hosting a fantasy basketball competition. A Word and PDF version of the project are included with your download. You are welcome to revise as needed to ensure the best fit possible for your classroom goals.

This project bundle includes:
Six individual sports marketing challenges
Word and PDF versions of the fantasy basketball project

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This year’s edition of our Super Bowl resources will help you teach and discuss a wide range of key sports business concepts.

2024 Super Bowl “pre-game” lesson plan resources:
Student competition (PPT Discussion & Activity)
Super Bowl LVIII Advertising Bingo Cards (Student Activity: Includes Bingo Cards, Teacher Lesson Guide and Student Activity Packet)
Super Bowl LVIII Fun Facts (PPT Discussion)

Super Bowl LVIII Infographics page – COMING SOON!

2024 Super Bowl “postgame” lesson plan resources:
Super Bowl LVIII Ad Recall (Discussion & Activity) – Coming Soon!
Super Bowl LVIII Scavenger Hunt (Student Activity) – Coming Soon!

Topics explored:
Lesson 1.2 – Fandom
Lesson 2.2 – Marketing through sports and entertainment
Lesson 2.4 – Pricing (supply and demand)
Lesson 2.9 – Event Marketing & Management
Lesson 3.2 – Broadcast Rights / Ratings
Lesson 3.5 – Economic impact
Lesson 4.3 – Target Market
Lesson 4.4 – Market Segmentation
Lesson 4.7 – Market Research
Lesson 4.8 – Advertising
Lesson 4.9 – Digital marketing (social media)
Lesson 6.1 – Branding
Lesson 6.2 / 6.3 – Licensing
Lesson 7.6 – Promotion
Lesson 8.1 – Sponsorship
Lesson 8.3 – Sponsorship decisions (naming rights)
Lesson 8.4 – Ambush marketing
Lesson 10.1 – Fan experience (touchless stadium)
Lesson 11.2 – Publicity
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LESSON: NBA x Nike Uniform Collection – 2023-24 City Edition

With this lesson plan, your students will explore some of the City Edition uniforms NBA teams have introduced so far this season in collaboration with Nike.

This lesson plan includes a PPT to aid in discussion along with a student activity that encourages students to design their own version of a “City” edition uniform.

Videos are embedded in the presentation, but if you have trouble getting them to play, the original YouTube links are provided in the last slide.

Encourage students to think about your city and community. What does your hometown’s brand look like? What imagery reflects the community’s traditions and values and how might that be incorporated into your design? What causes or community relations initiatives might the design help to support?

Topics explored in this lesson plan:

Branding (Lesson 6.1)
Licensing (Lesson 6.1, Lesson 6.2)
Sponsorship (Lesson 8.1)
Community Relations (Lesson 11.2)

Lesson plan bundle includes:

Activity Packet (Student)
Lesson Guide (Teacher)
“NBA City Edition Uniforms” (PPT including video clips)
Student Activity & Rubric
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PRESENTATION: NFL Stadium Food: The Fan Experience

What is the fan experience? Why is it important? And why do pro sports teams offer such a wide variety of food and beverage options at stadiums on game days? Explore all this and more with this NFL Stadium Food discussion deck from SCC.

* Please note: Videos are embedded in the presentation, so you will need to enable external content after downloading for the video to play.

Topics explored include:
Price (Marketing Mix)
Promotion (Lesson 7.6)
Fan Experience (Lesson 10.1)
Publicity (Lesson 11.2)

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LESSON: College Football $eason 2023-24

After 26 years, the Michigan Wolverines are back on top of college football.  Use our annual college football bowl season “by the numbers” discussion deck to take a deeper dive into the business of college football.

Topics explored:
Broadcast Rights / Ratings (Lesson 1.3)
Economic Impact (Lesson 3.5)
Sponsorship (Lesson 8.1, 8.2, 8.3)
Ticket sales (Pricing / Supply & Demand)
Sports Business Leadership

Lesson plan includes:
College Football by the Numbers (PPT)
Scavenger Hunt Student Activity

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PRESENTATION: Holiday Marketing (2023)

Consumers spend more money during the holidays than any other time of the year. As a result, everyone from big box retailers to small businesses roll out a myriad of holiday-themed promotions.

Sports and entertainment properties are no exception. Review the presentation in class to see some examples of how some sports teams are working to entice fans to buy everything from ticket packages and merchandise to good ol’ holiday spirit and cheer this year.

ACTIVITY IDEA #1: Consider encouraging students to come up with a holiday promotion for their favorite team(s), event, or entertainment property. Will they sell tickets? Merchandise? What will they do to incentivize sales? How long with the promotional offer last? Will it just be for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or will they extend the offer throughout the holidays?

ACTIVITY IDEA #2: After reviewing the PPT, encourage students to develop a holiday-themed promotional campaign for your school athletics program. What will they try to sell? How will they attract attention from fans (consumers) within the community?

Topics explored:
Sales & Promotion (Unit 7)

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LESSON: My Cause, My Cleats (2023)

The NFL is notoriously straight-laced (pardon the pun) when it comes to regulating player appearances on the field. Want to a wear a brand not affiliated with the NFL as a sponsor? Strictly a no-no. Want to customize gear and/or share a written message with fans using any part of the uniform? Go for it, just expect a hefty fine and stern condemnation from the league office.

However, in 2016, the NFL actually started to encourage its players to wear cleats customized with a message supporting causes each player supports (albeit just for one week). It was a great way to raise not only awareness but also money for causes ranging from mental health, ALS, cancer and animal welfare to children who need reading glasses. Cleats were then auctioned on the NFL’s official auction site with proceeds going to each respective charity.

The initiative was a smashing success. This year, the NFL’s “My Cause, My Cleats” program is back for its 7th season, and the message is being amplified using all of the league’s marketing might. According to the league, more than 1,000 players showcased their causes for Week 13 NFL games this year.

Topics explored:
Publicity & Goodwill (Lesson 11.2)
Community Relations (Lesson 11.2)
Social Issues (Lesson 11.6)

Lesson plan bundle includes:
My Cause My Cleats (PPT)
Activity Packet (Student)
Lesson Guide (Teacher)
List of causes supported by NFL players this season (PDF)
Student Activity & Rubric

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PRESENTATION: Barbie Movie Marketing

This presentation provides an inside look at one of the most successful movie marketing campaigns in history. You could literally teach an entire course with the master class that was the marketing of this film!

* Please note:  Videos are embedded in the presentation, so you will need to enable external content after downloading for the video to play. 

Topics include:
Fandom (Lesson 1.3)
Marketing of Entertainment vs. Marketing Through Entertainment (2.2)
Consumer Engagement (Lesson 2.8)
Entertainment Business Fundamentals (Lesson 3.3)
Industry Trends (Lesson 3.4)
Advertising (Lesson 4.7)
Digital & Social (Lesson 4.8)
The Marketing Plan (Lesson 5.1)
Branding & Brand Building (Lesson 6.1 & 6.2)
Licensing & Licensing Process (Lesson 6.3 & 6.4)
Promotion (Lesson 7.6)
Publicity (Lesson 11.2)

Lesson plan bundle includes:
Holiday Marketing Discussion Deck (PPT)

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PRESENTATION: The SEM Product: A Recap of the XFL 2023 Reboot

XFL RebootLed by new owners Dany Garcia and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the third reincarnation of Vince McMahon’s XFL football league kicked off in 2023.  The reboot had lofty aspirations as an innovative “new” football league.  As we discuss in Lesson 2.5 of SCC’s textbook (The Business of Sports & Entertainment), the quality of product is important to the success of any sports, event, or entertainment property.  How did the XFL fare in its 2023 reboot?  Take a look at the numbers with this presentation deck to guide your discussion of the SEM product with your students in class.

Topics include:
SEM Product (Lesson 2.5)
The Marketing Plan (Lesson 5.1)
Branding (Lesson 6.1)

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LESSON: 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, held in Australia and New Zealand was the most-watched edition of the women’s FIFA World Cup ever, and became a breakthrough for the popularity of women’s soccer around the world. Consider sharing this presentation in class to help guide your conversation surrounding the tournament and as a way to introduce the “sports business” concept to help set the tone for what students can expect from this class.

Topics discussed in this presentation:
Industry growth / International marketing (Lesson 1.2)
Fandom (Lesson 1.3)
Broadcast rights / revenue / ratings (Lesson 3.2)
Economic impact (Lesson 3.5)
Market research (Lesson 4.6)
Licensing (Lesson 6.1, Lesson 6.2)
Sponsorship (Lesson 8.1)
Ambush marketing (Lesson 8.4)
Ticket sales (Lesson 9.1)
Social Issues / Sportswashing (Lesson 11.6)

Lesson plan bundle includes:
Discussion Deck (PPT)
Sponsorship Activity (PDF)

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LESSON: The Business of Fantasy Sports (2023)

Fantasy football continues to explode in popularity.  Anticipation might be higher than ever this season as the sports world waits to see if the NFL season will remain on track for this season.

Unit one of your textbook briefly touches on its impact on the growth of the sports industry and this brief PPT detailing fantasy football “by the numbers” can provide a fun way to supplement the concept.  Many of you are also playing some derivation of a fantasy football game in class and this could help shed some perspective on the business behind the game. 

This lesson plan bundle includes:
Activity Packet (Student)
Lesson Guide (Teacher)
Business of Fantasy Sports (PPT) 
Fan engagement activity suggestion (aligns with lesson 2.7 in your textbook)

Topics Explored:
Lesson 1.2 – Industry Growth
Lesson 1.3 – Fandom
Lesson 2.8 – Fan Engagement
Lesson 4.4 – Segmentation
Lesson 11.8 – Social Issues in Sports (Gambling & Ethics)

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LESSON: Licensing – NFLPA Products (2023 Version)

NFLPA lesson planThis lesson helps students gain a fundamental understanding of the licensing process and how it impacts prices of consumer products.

This lesson plan bundle includes:
Six individual sports marketing challenges.

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LESSON: The Top Eleven Film Franchises of All-Time (2023 Edition)

TOp 11 FIlm Franchises This presentation discusses the concept of a film franchise at it relates to a movie studio’s ability to capitalize on brand strength and monetize the franchise through box office sales and product/promotional tie-ins.

This lesson plan bundle includes:
Top 11 Film Franchise Discussion (PPT) 
Activity Suggestion

Topics Explored:
Lesson 3.3 – Business of Entertainment
Lesson 6.1 – Branding

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LESSON: The Highest-Grossing Marvel Films of All-Time (2023 Edition)

Top 10 Marvel filmsThis presentation discusses the concept of a film franchise at it relates to a movie studio’s ability to capitalize on brand strength and monetize the franchise through box office sales and product/promotional tie-ins.

This lesson plan bundle includes:
Top 11 Film Franchise Discussion (PPT) 
Activity Suggestion

Topics Explored:
Lesson 3.3 – Business of Entertainment
Lesson 6.1 – Branding

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PRESENTATION:  13 Unique Sports Venues – Event Management & Marketing

13 Unique Sports VenuesLooking for a great way to introduce the concept of venue as it relates to sporting events? We have you covered!  This presentation deck explores ten of the most unique venues to host an event in sports history.

This lesson plan updated in 2023 includes a PPT with recommended discussion questions along with a suggested student activity that encourages students to create their own unique venue for hosting a sports or entertainment event. 

* Please note:  Videos are embedded in the presentation, so you will need to enable external content after downloading for the video to play. 

Topics explored include:
Event management and marketing (Lesson 2.9)
Event triangle: Venue (Lesson 2.9)

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PRESENTATION:  Introducing SEM Trivia Game

For those of you who like to start the semester by playing our “Introducing SEM” trivia game, the updated version for 2023 is now available.

This download includes:
Answer sheet (Student)
Answer key (Teacher)
Introducing SEM Trivia Game (PPT)

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INFOGRAPHIC: Christmas Day TV Ratings

The NBA went head-to-head against the NFL for the second straight year on Christmas Day in 2023 in competition for TV viewers.  The NFL won in a landslide, and NBA ratings tumbled for the fifth year in a row. Use this infographic to discuss: 

Lesson 3.2 (Ratings)
Lesson 4.8 (Advertising)

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Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes sent shockwaves through college football with a massive upset of TCU in their first game of the 2023 season. Use this infographic to discuss: 

Lesson 3.2 (Ratings)
Lesson 11.2 (Publicity)


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INFOGRAPHIC: The Messi Effect

The Messi Effect InfographicThe addition of Lionel Messi paid immediate dividends to Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami, providing significant boosts to the team’s following on social media, merchandise sales, ticket sales, and franchise value.  Use this infographic to discuss: 

Lesson 2.5 (Quality product)
Lesson 9.2 (Ticket Sales)
Lesson 11.2 (Publicity)

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INFOGRAPHIC: Neymar’s Pay Day

International soccer star Neymar Jr. inked one of the most lucrative contracts in the history of sports with a team in the Saudi Pro League.  Use this infographic to discuss: 

Lesson 3.2 (Profit) – How player salaries impact a pro sports team’s ability to generate a profit

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