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How Lowe’s Grew Loyalty By Amplifying Brand-Driven Marketing

Lowe’s has a history of showing up for communities in times of crisis. Its Bucket Brigade helps communities in need by providing necessary supplies to those affected by natural disasters like the California wildfires. So, as the pandemic started to hit the United States and the country went into lock-down, Marisa Thalberg,

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Gluten Free Oreos coming to stores in January

While consumers are willing to eat gluten-free, there is some debate as to whether they are doing so for health reasons or due to allergies. Studies have shown that the majority of consumers eating gluten-free foods are not intolerant to the protein, but products featuring this free-from claim continue to

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Start-Up Proudly Sells Product To Throw Out In A Few Weeks

It’s not likely you’ll ever brag how long you’ve had your toothbrush, but marketers also don’t usually advise a brand to advertise a product’s planned obsolescence. Start-up Goodwell Co. is now proclaiming in its first-ever ad campaign that it proudly sells “Toothbrushes that don’t last.” Click here to read the

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Wendy’s is eating McDonald’s breakfast

On March 2, Wendy’s finally launched its highly anticipated breakfast menu nationwide. Then, two weeks later, the morning commute basically collapsed because of lockdown measures encouraging people to work from home. Wendy’s breakfast should’ve flopped because of this. It didn’t. Click here to read the story at Questions for Classroom Discussion What

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