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New Balance Humbly Pitches ‘the Best Running Shoes on Earth’

“We’d tell you it’s a nice day for a run. But you know every day is Runday.”

It’s punday too, apparently, as New Balance launches a global campaign themed “The best running shoes on Earth. No, really.”

That hyperbolic positioning (and some self-consciously cringy wordplay) applies whether you love running or hate it, per NB’s lighthearted anthem film.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is positioning?
  2. How is New Balance positioning their running shoes with this campaign?
  3. What is advertising?
  4. What is a tagline?
  5. Why do brands use taglines in advertising campaigns?
  6. What is New Balance’s tagline for this campaign?
  7. What message are they communicating to the consumer with the tagline?
  8. What NBA player is featured in this advertising campaign?
  9. Why do think New Balance chose a NBA basketball player for a running shoe ad campaign?
Chris Lindauer
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