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DoorDash Announces New Brand Campaign That Spotlights Expanded Offerings Beyond Food and Celebrates Local Communities


DoorDash, the nation’s leading on-demand local logistics platform, announced today the launch of a multi-platform marketing campaign in the U.S. DoorDash is bringing its new brand campaign to the Big Game for the first time with a :60 TV spot airing on Sunday, February 7 in Quarter 1. Titled “The Neighborhood,” the campaign reinforces DoorDash’s mission to grow and empower local economies and unveils new brand messaging around deliveries of neighborhood favorites beyond food, highlighting the breadth of DoorDash use cases and platform categories like restaurants and convenience.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a “multi-platform” marketing campaign (as referenced in this news story)?
  2. Why do you think Door Dash is launching a multi-platform marketing campaign?
  3. What do you think they hope to accomplish with this campaign?
  4. Based on the information from this news story, what message do you think the brand hopes to communicate to consumers?
  5. What is distribution?
  6. How do you think Door Dash helps create new distribution channels for fast food chain restaurants?
  7. Why do you think Door Dash is advertising during the Super Bowl?
  8. Why do you think they partnered with Sesame Street on this campaign?
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