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Pizza Hut enters the burger game with unique creation


While no one may be able to outdo the Hut, Pizza Hut is trying to outdo burger establishments nationwide.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a slogan?
  2. How is a slogan different from a tagline?
  3. Why are they used in advertising campaigns?
  4. What is Pizza Hut’s slogan?
  5. What is positioning?
  6. How might that represent the brand’s positioning strategy?
  7. Given the emphasis on pizzas in the company’s branding, why would they introduce a burger product?
  8. What is product development?
  9. Why is it important?
  10. Why is it important to Pizza Hut if they really hope to compete with other quick-serve restaurants that sell burgers?
  11. What makes this product a little different than a traditional cheeseburger?
  12. How might that represent a differentiation strategy?
  13. Why is differentiation important to Pizza Hut in this case?
  14. What is a product launch?
  15. Why is marketing important to a product launch?
Chris Lindauer
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