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Target plans to open more than 250 Ulta Beauty shops in its stores this year


More Target stores will get an Ulta Beauty shop added in 2022.

The retailer exclusively shared with USA TODAY Monday that it plans to open 250-plus additional small beauty shops inside its stores this year after opening 101 locations and an online store since August 2021.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is retail?
  2. What is distribution?
  3. Why is distribution an important function of marketing?
  4. Why would Target want to open Ulta Beauty shops in their stores?
  5. Why would Ulta want to open small stores inside Target locations?
  6. How might a presence inside Target locations help to boost Ulta’s distribution and why is that important?
  7. According to this news story, how many Ulta stores does Target intend to eventually open?
  8. Why do you think they aren’t opening all of them immediately?
  9. Kohl’s is opening Sephora beauty shops in 400 of its stores. What other partnerships might make sense in the retail and beauty space?
  10. Why do you think Target is increasing its starting wage?
  11. Based on information from this story, what will the range be for the increased starting wage?
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