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Walmart to buy TV maker Vizio for $2.3 billion in move to grow its ad business


Walmart has agreed to buy TV maker Vizio, the companies announced Tuesday, as the largest U.S. retailer grows its high-profit ad business.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. When you think of Vizio as a brand, what do you think of?
  2. Why did Walmart buy Vizio?
  3. Why is advertising important to Walmart?
  4. According to this story, how many accounts are active on Vizio’s SmartCast system?
  5. Based on what you learned in this news story, how will the acquisition of Vizio help Walmart to grow its ad business?
  6. What is profit?
  7. What is profit margin?
  8. According to this story, how does Walmart’s profit margins for its media business Walmart Connect compare to groceries or clothing?
  9. In addition to advertising, how else might Walmart benefit from the acquisition of Vizio?
  10. According to this story, Walmart also said it could offer “innovative television and in-home entertainment and media experiences” with the acquisition of Vizio. What does that mean?
  11. As a class, list ten ideas for how Walmart could innovate television and in-home entertainment media experiences.
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