Business & Marketing Certification Programs

Enhance your education and explore career opportunities through SCC’s industry certifications.  This is your chance to set yourself apart from the competition and build your personal brand!


for High School Students

It's Not Always WHAT You Know

While it may sound cliché, landing in your dream job in sports can be determine just as much by who you know as what you know.  Earn your SCC certification to unlock valuable networking opportunities to help you to build your industry network.

Passion Play

Anyone in sports who conducts interviews will tell you how often they receive job inquiries from people who are huge fans.  A certification from Sports Career Consulting will show potential employers that you are MORE than a fan and truly passionate about the career opportunity, helping you to separate yourself from the competition!

Build Your Brand

How do you build your personal brand that can make you more marketable than your peers?  Demonstrate your passion and knowledge for the business of sports by adding a digital badge to your online profile and sharing your downloadable industry certificate with potential sports business employers.