SCC FFL Sports Marketing Competition – Community Relations Project Point Distribution & Current Standings

We have a new leader atop the standings of our fantasy football sports marketing competition!  Congrats to the students in Lee Geffert’s sports marketing class at Richardson High School in Texas for jumping atop the standings this week.  With games this weekend and points from two challenges remaining, there is still a lot of season left!

We were all blown away by the overall level of concept application as it relates to the sports marketing challenges. It is evident that you all are doing a marvelous job connecting this fantasy football project with the core concepts from the curriculum so kudos to you all. Keep up the great work!

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SCC FFL Sports Marketing Competition – Branding Project Point Distribution & Current Standings

Congrats to the students in Julie Eckhart’s sports marketing class at Westosha Central High School in Wisconsin for maintaining their spot atop the standings in SCC’s fantasy football sports marketing competition.  However, Kristen Torkelson’s students at Bend Senior High in Oregon are just a few points behind with Karen Russo’s class at Hinsdale Central in Illinois in a close third place.  Last season’s champs from Indian River High School jumped into fourth place with John Robinson’s class at Sycamore High School in Ohio rounding out the top five.  There are three crucial sports marketing challenges in play along with a few more weeks of potential points from each team’s fantasy football team so we expect a photo finish!

Overall, ALL of our participating schools have done a fantastic job with this project.  The responses to our sports marketing challenges thus far have been incredibly impressive and the league office is looking forward to seeing what the students come up with for the remaining challenges!  Follow along via our blog (or @sportsbized on Twitter) for updates as the season rolls along and be sure to encourage and support those schools in your local area!

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Believe to Achieve

We are excited to re-post a blog entry from two years ago featuring one of my favorite people, Mr. Howard “H” White, in the lead up to our 9th Annual “Believe to Achieve” conference.  The event is hosted by the Jordan Brand on campus at Nike’s World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon and will take place on November 8th.  Sports Career Consulting is proud and honored to again partner with “H” to offer this amazing opportunity for high school business and marketing students.

“H” is a long time industry exec with an amazing track record of success at Nike, Inc. and the Jordan Brand.  In addition to all his accomplishments in business and in life, “H” has mentored and inspired many people over the years (myself included).  To hear more of his stories (and he has a lot of them), I highly recommend picking up a copy of his book, “Believe to Achieve:  See the Invisible, Do the Impossible”. Click here to purchase your copy on 

Life’s Simple Lessons
By Howard “H” White, Vice President, Jordan Brand

I’m the Vice President for the Jordan Brand, a division of Nike Inc., and a graduate of the University of Maryland where I played basketball. I’m from Hampton, Virginia and was an All-American in High School even though I didn’t start playing basketball until the 9th grade. That was when I switched schools to attend a pretty much all white junior high school. I’d left an all black school to attend it. I was following a girl there and it was the only reason that I went to the school. That in itself isn’t a big deal but will give you some context as to why I’ve become the person that I’ve become. There are a lot of people that fancy the idea of becoming an executive at a major company. Being a VP at Nike and the Jordan Brand has been the experience of a lifetime. I was always a decent student. People always ask me what I studied in school. What direction should they take to get to my position or a position like mine? Most people want to be a big wig or a big shot at a fun company. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years with famous athletes that most think are great. I’ve mentored the likes of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Deion Sanders, Moses Malone, Cynthia Cooper, Tiger Woods and many others. How did I get here?  Stick around and let me share a few simple life lessons…

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Competition for the Entertainment Dollar (Infographic)

Here are two infographics that do a great job illustrating the growing competition for discretionary dollars from US consumers in the sports/entertainment marketplace…In addition to providing a great platform for opening up a discussion about the competition for the entertainment dollar in class, these graphics also offer a great way to introduce the concept of a global marketplace.

Click the images below to be redirected to the original source to see the complete infographic.  Enjoy!

Current SCC FFL Sports Marketing Competition Standings

Congrats to the students in Julie Eckhart’s sports marketing class at Westosha Central High School in Wisconsin for currently sitting in first place in SCC’s fantasy football sports marketing competition.  After knocking it out of the park with the response to the first sports marketing challenge (development of a sports marketing plan), they look to build momentum as we head into week four of our competition’s season.  Kristen Torkelson’s students at Bend Senior High in Oregon are just a few points behind with Karen Russo’s class at Hinsdale Central in Illinois in a close third place.  Kirk Helferich’s class at Kent Innovation HS in Michigan is the only other team with over 400 points at this point, but there is still a LOT of season to play with a number of crucial sports marketing challenges hanging in the balance!

Our participants are submitting their responses to sports marketing challenge #2 in which they are required to create a branding strategy for their franchise while challenge #3 (publicity / community relations) was distributed today.  The league office is looking forward to seeing what the students come up with!  Follow along via our blog (or @sportsbized on Twitter) for updates as the season rolls along and be sure to encourage and support those schools in your local area!

We also have a few individual schools to recognize for their responses to the first sports marketing challenge.

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NBA Ticket Prices (Infographic)

Of all the functions of marketing, one could arge the establishment of an effective price point could be the most critical.

Teams across sports consistently tinker with pricing strategies in an effort to find the right formula for maximizing franchise revenues.  Sometimes those strategies work, sometimes they backfire.

Two seasons ago, the New Orleans Pelicans dropped ticket prices by 10%.  The decision resulted in a 19% overall increase in ticket sales that season.  And this season, as the Brooklyn Nets face the prospect of a challenging season on the court, Bloomberg has reported the franchise will reduce ticket prices by an average of 24% in 2016-17.

Earlier this year, BusBud published an interesting infographic that examines NBA ticket prices and offers some interesting comparisons.  Which teams offer the greatest ROI?  When is the best time to buy?  These questions and more are discussed in the graphic below.


Season 2: SCC Fantasy Football / Sports Marketing Challenge!

We (Sports Career Consulting) are excited to announce season two of our fantasy football competition featuring a number of our member schools.  Our goal is to create an engaging, interactive educational environment in our sports marketing classrooms.  This year, we have 30 schools competing representing 13 different states so we expect some big things from our students this year as they work to unseat last year’s champs from Indian River High School in New York.

Again this year, students will first be challenged to draft a team based on a “salary cap” to demonstrate a basic understanding of finance. Each team will then earn points throughout the season via player performance AND a series of weekly “sports marketing challenge” activities issued by the league office (Sports Career Consulting).  Each challenge is designed to encourage student development of sports business strategies for their “franchise” in several key areas, including:

  • Finance
  • Branding
  • Stadium/Facility design & management
    • The Fan Experience
  • Marketing
    • Promotions and digital marketing
  • Ticket Sales
  • Sponsorship
  • Understanding the consumer & the marketplace
  • Public Relations / Community Relations / Fan Relations

After reviewing each franchise’s weekly submission, points will be assessed by the league office, ultimately impacting each team’s position in the standings.  The weekly sports marketing challenge activities will have just as much (if not more) impact on overall points than player performance so students will be encouraged to develop a sound strategy before submitting their ideas!

We will be posting the standings each week on our blog so stay tuned!

How College Sports Fans Engage (Infographic)

What is Fan Engagement?

As the business of sports and entertainment evolves, marketing professionals are continuously searching for ways to cater to the changing dynamics of fandom.  Today’s fan craves not only more access but immediate access.  For sports marketers, this is a good thing, but it does not come without its challenges.

In a landscape that now features more sports and entertainment options than ever, building a relationship with fans becomes critical for sports or entertainment properties.  This is where fan engagement comes in.  Whether through specific promotions, social media or game day experiences at the venue, engagement efforts help sports and entertainment properties build and maintain interest in their product.

Like any successful business, properties like the NCAA and its affiliated athletics programs must have a feel for consumer behavior.  Understanding how fans are engaging will ultimately help them create successful strategies for reaching and interacting with consumers.

Engaging College Sports Fans (Infographic) recently published some interesting statistics that shed some light on how college sports fans engage.  According to the study, fans are twice as likely to watch games on TV than attend in person and Facebook is still their social media platform of choice.  HopScotch created an interesting infographic that shares some of this data and is also offering a free e-book for download that compiles the survey results.  Click here for a link to the HopScotch website.


Rio 2016: Fun Facts by the Numbers

The lead up to the Summer Games in Rio generated arguably more publicity (both good and bad) than any other Olympic Games in recent memory.  Now that they are finally underway, here is a quick look at “the numbers” behind the Games…

1 – Number of times a South American city has hosted the Olympics

12,000 – Number of Olympic torchbearers that carried the Olympic flame

4,800 – Number of performers and volunteers that took part in the Opening Ceremony

10,500 – Total number of athletes competing in the 2016 Summer Games

206 – Total number of countries represented in Rio

4,924 – There are a total of nearly 5,000 medals up for grabs in this summer’s competitions

2 – This year, two sports will be making a comeback as golf and rugby return as official Olympic Sports in Rio

112 – It has been over a century since golf was last an Olympic sport

92 – It has been nearly a century since rugby was last an Olympic sport

37 – Athletes will be competing in 37 different venues at the Summer Games (32 in Rio and 5 in co-host cities)

$5,700,00 – Brazil’s Ministry of Health invested nearly $6 million to insure the well being of athletes and spectators attending the Games due to zika concerns

32 – More than 30 tons of dead fish were removed from the lagoon where the rowing and canoeing competitions will take place

85,000 – The number of security personnel staffed for games, more than double the number present in London for the 2012 Summer Games thanks to Brazil’s high crime rate

$1.2 B – The amount NBC Universal invested in the broadcast rights for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio

$1 B – The amount NBC Universal has reportedly generated in advertising sales in the US (both television advertising and digital)

26.5 M – Nearly 27 million viewers tuned in for NBC’s broadcast of the Opening Ceremony

35% – Ratings for the Opening Ceremony broadcast declined by 35% compared to coverage during the 2012 Summer Games in London

307% – Viewership of Day 1 of Olympics coverage on NBC’s digital platforms enjoyed a 307% increase from Day 1 of the 2012 Games in London

1,200% – On Spotify, streams of the song “Girl from Ipanema” rose 1,200% after it was played during the Opening Ceremony

7,000 – Number of hours of programming produced by NBC Universal this year (TV and digital) in coverage of Olympic competitions

3.6 B – NBC Universal is expecting 3.6 billion viewers to tune in to Olympics coverage

85% – The number of viewers expected to use a “second screen” for Olympics coverage

7.5 M – Organizers of the Rio Games made 7.5 million tickets available for purchase to various Olympic events

$60-1400 – The face value of tickets to the opening ceremony

$6 – $365 – The face value for various events

240,000 – The number of Rio Olympic tickets being given to underprivileged children

$425 M – According to Rio organizers, sales of tickets to Olympic events have generated $425 million

500,000 – The number of foreign travelers expected to visit Rio for the 2016 Summer Games

1M – The number of tourists that visited Rio last year for their popular annual Carnival celebration

6M – The number of residents in the city of Rio

90% – Rio’s  hotel rooms are close to capacity with over 90% booked for the Summer Games

$261 – The approximate value of the gold contained in an Olympic medal

1.2% – An Olympic Gold medal barely contains more than 1% actual gold


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Expensive Games

Much has been made of the billions of dollars Brazil has spent to host the 2016 Summer Games in Rio.  Despite a cost of over $4.5 billion, spending for the Rio games pale in comparison to the amount Russia pumped into Sochi’s 2014 Winter Games and London’s costs for hosting the 2012 Summer Games.

This infographic from offers a visual breakdown.