Major League Marketing – Business of Baseball News Feed

Major League Marketing: Business of Baseball News Feed

With the arrival of Major League Baseball’s 2021 Opening Day, here is a look at some news stories that can help create conversations in the classroom that align with the start of baseball season.

In the section below, we offer suggestions for which lessons from SCC’s textbook might be best for this collection of baseball related news stories.  If you have not already downloaded our “Baseball Fun Facts” infographic, you can do so by clicking here.

    Unit 2:

    Most Expensive MLB Ballparks (Lesson 2.4 – Pricing)

    Unit 3: S

    MLB spring training scores with businesses, fans and cities after 2020 COVID-19 cancelation (Lesson 3.5 – Economic Impact)


    Unit 6:  Branding, Licensing, Merchandising

    Rainiers among Minor League Baseball’s Top-25 in Merchandise Sales for Fifth-Straight Year (Branding, Licensing, Merchandising)

      Student Discussion: 

      This will be an interesting year for Major League Baseball from a marketing perspective as the league continues to build a larger following with young fans.  Here are some questions you can ask students relating to the storylines we will be following this MLB season.

      1. What challenges might MLB be facing this year?
      2. Why do you think MLB has been considering a variety of rule changes?
      3. How would you describe MLB’s fan base from a demographic perspective?
      4. Who do you think MLB should be marketing to?
      5. Should MLB stadiums be allowing fans this spring?  Why or why not?
      6. Do you think MLB could do a better job marketing the league’s biggest stars?  How so?
      7. Do you think MLB should promote celebrations and player personalities?  Why or why not?

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