Season 2: SCC Fantasy Football / Sports Marketing Challenge!

We (Sports Career Consulting) are excited to announce season two of our fantasy football competition featuring a number of our member schools.  Our goal is to create an engaging, interactive educational environment in our sports marketing classrooms.  This year, we have 30 schools competing representing 13 different states so we expect some big things from our students this year as they work to unseat last year’s champs from Indian River High School in New York.

Again this year, students will first be challenged to draft a team based on a “salary cap” to demonstrate a basic understanding of finance. Each team will then earn points throughout the season via player performance AND a series of weekly “sports marketing challenge” activities issued by the league office (Sports Career Consulting).  Each challenge is designed to encourage student development of sports business strategies for their “franchise” in several key areas, including:

  • Finance
  • Branding
  • Stadium/Facility design & management
    • The Fan Experience
  • Marketing
    • Promotions and digital marketing
  • Ticket Sales
  • Sponsorship
  • Understanding the consumer & the marketplace
  • Public Relations / Community Relations / Fan Relations

After reviewing each franchise’s weekly submission, points will be assessed by the league office, ultimately impacting each team’s position in the standings.  The weekly sports marketing challenge activities will have just as much (if not more) impact on overall points than player performance so students will be encouraged to develop a sound strategy before submitting their ideas!

We will be posting the standings each week on our blog so stay tuned!

SCC’s Fantasy Football Sports Marketing Contest: Season Recap

Congratulations to all the schools who participated in our inaugural fantasy football sports marketing classroom competition.  They all did such a fantastic job with the sports marketing challenges and really impressed our panel of industry executives who judged the contest.

The first annual competition featured schools from fifteen different states who were tasked with a series of sports marketing challenges (in addition to the traditional fantasy football format of drafting players and managing a weekly lineup).  Challenges were designed to encourage students to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of basic sports business concepts, from balancing a budget (emphasized when each team selected players for their teams within the confines of a “player payroll”) to digital marketing and sponsorship.

A huge CONGRATS to Maggie Beaumont’s sport marketing class at Indian River High School in New York for winning the first ever championship!  Her students (which comprised the “front office” for the Syracuse Snow Devils) did a marvelous job all year, finishing in the top five in scoring for each of our sports marketing challenges.  Way to go!

John Hollow’s class from Helena High in Montana (representing the “Las Vegas Aces”) managed to hold off a late season surge from Kirk Helferich’s “Grand Rapids Steelheads” Michigan-based class to clinch second place.  Joel Levin’s class from Murrieta Valley High School in California (“New Mexico Flying Saucers”) took fourth place while Brandon Reith’s students at Wichita East High School (“Wichita Gladiators”) in Kansas rounded out the top five.  To celebrate a job well-done, Sports Career Consulting will be providing a pizza party for the top five finishers!  Nice job everyone!

Here are the final standings for the top twenty finishers in this year’s competition:

Congrats are also in order to ALL of our participating teams…you and your students were absolutely phenomenal.  You all definitely exceeded our expectations and deserve “props” for a job very well done.  Thank you all for competing, hopefully it was a fun and educational experience!

Here are the award winners based on individual sports marketing categories from our challenges throughout the school year:

Birmingham Yellowhammers (Flower Mound, TX):

Best Concessions Strategy

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Montana Sports Marketing Students Go Behind-the-Scenes in Portland, OR

We (students of Capital High School) really enjoyed the great opportunity to travel to Portland and have the chance to experience the amazing things Portland has to offer. The tour of Nike Headquarters was very interesting and we all appreciated the welcoming tour guide and campus. The Moda Center was a very cool and great chance to visit a NBA franchise. The Trailblazers game was crazy! We are all so grateful we got the chance to experience it. All around the Portland trip was really exciting and knowledgeable for us all…thank you, Sports Career Consulting, for creating this amazing opportunity for us!

Tjaden Pallister, Capital High School Senior
Caleb Patt, Capital High School, Junior

One of the best high school experiences I attended was the Sports Marketing Summit in Portland, OR.  Throughout the trip we toured the Nike World Headquarters, Moda Center, Jen-Weld, and attended a Portland Trail Blazers game.  We also ate at Voodoo Doughnuts and the food trucks, we don’t have many food trucks in Helena, Montana.  One of the best presentations we’ve ever listened to was at the Wieden & Kennedy Advertising Agency!  We learned about the process of making a commercial and the time that goes into them. We enjoyed hearing from the representative of ticket sales from the Trailblazers and the marketing techniques that the Timbers and Nike use.  We were given a ton of information and had a great time on the trip…hope we get to do it again next year!

Trevor Larson, Capital High School Junior
Mathew Lefsoski, Capital High School Junior