SportsBiz Madness 2024 Case Study Tournament: We Have a Champion!

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SportsBiz Madness: 2024 Case Study Tournament (Championship Round Results)

We have a champion! 

Green Run High School in Virginia and Downers Grove North High School in Illinois, both former champions, faced off in the final round of this year’s case study tournament. This year’s ultimate challenge tasked students with creating a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) driven campaign for the rapidly expanding energy drink brand, Celsius. This case study was the most demanding we have introduced in the history of the competition, yet both schools delivered exceptional responses.

Students from both Green Run and Downers Grove North navigated the legal and ethical complexities of a NIL campaign for the controversial energy drink brand, Celsius. Extensive research into NIL regulations and the Celsius brand was evident in their submissions. Ultimately, Green Run High School emerged victorious, securing their second consecutive championship and their third national title in the SportsBiz Madness case study competition over the last four years. Under the guidance of teachers Chris Jacobs and Keri Sabo, the team demonstrated exceptional preparedness for the challenge, continuing to build a dynasty in classroom competitions.

Highlights include:

  • Compliance and Education: Demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) regulations, ensuring Celsius is a compliant choice for college athletes by identifying potentially problematic supplements that could trigger NCAA violations.
  • Engagement Tactics: Employed a range of activation strategies to boost product usage, including influencer partnerships, sports event sponsorships, pop-up events, and exclusive discounts targeted at college athletes.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborated with high-profile NCAA athletes from various sports to introduce themed flavors such as Lemon Livvy (Olivia Dunn, LSU volleyball), Tropical Travis (Travis Unter, Colorado football), JuJu Berry (JuJu Watkins, USC women’s basketball), and Peachy Paige (Paige Bueckers, UConn women’s basketball). Utilized Q scores to optimize athlete selection for maximum brand visibility.
  • Publicity Stunt: Orchestrated a unique publicity stunt featuring Celsius ambassador Olivia “Livvy” Dunne, who led a march with LSU student-athletes to the U.S. Capitol. The campaign aimed to lobby for changing the U.S. temperature measurement from Fahrenheit to Celsius, while creatively promoting the brand.
  • Esports Integration: Leveraged the brand’s existing partnership with the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team for the “ESports Better For You Day,” involving university visits where students competed in Gran Turismo 7. The event concluded with PS5 prizes for the top performers, enhancing campus engagement and promoting Celsius.
  • Competitive Analysis: Conducted a SWOT analysis of direct and indirect competitors like Monster, Red Bull, Gatorade, and Mountain Dew to refine strategies that enhance engagement and drive sales.
  • Social Responsibility: Endorsed the Homeless World Cup to differentiate Celsius and support a significant social cause. This sponsorship not only boosts brand visibility across a diverse audience but also enhances the brand’s image by associating it with social responsibility.
  • Ambush Marketing Strategy: Recommended an ambush marketing campaign during the 2026 FIFA World Cup, hosted by the United States, Mexico, and Canada, to promote hosting the Homeless World Cup concurrently. This strategic move aims to capitalize on the publicity surrounding FIFA and its partnerships, particularly with Gatorade, to enhance Celsius’s visibility and align the brand with meaningful social impact.
  • Performance Metrics: Identified key performance indicators to accurately measure the campaign’s return on investment (ROI), ensuring the effectiveness and financial viability of the marketing strategies.

Overall, this was an exceptional case study response. Congratulations Green Run students, you have done it again!

2024 SportsBiz Madness Case Study Tournament Bracket

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