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Burger King celebrates Christmas in July in new campaign

With the ongoing global health crisis and high unemployment rates, many consumers are wondering when things will improve and a new normal will emerge. Burger King is tapping into this sentiment with its new campaign, including a video that shows consumers admitting that they are done with 2020 and a

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Barbie Shows Off Her COVID-19 Craft Projects

Mattel Inc is partnering with 5-Minute Crafts to give Barbie something to do during the quarantine.   With many consumers  still contending with some degree of pandemic-inspired social isolating. Mattel recognized that demand for DIY and craft content continues to increase exponentially, especially since many summer camps for kids are closed.

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Netflix’s Competitors Are Drastically Outspending It on TV Ads

As live sports and primetime programming went off the air this spring amid the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming services like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime Video and Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) Hulu and Disney+ saw an opportunity to offer TV viewers an alternative. TV ad spending among streaming services tripled in the first half of

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Fans Can Win a Dunkin’ Refreshers RV for a Week

This year, many people have had to pump the brakes on plans for a summer getaway. Now, thanks to Dunkin’, Americans have a chance at that much-needed and much-deserved travel re-do, with a moment of refresh out of the house and on the open road. Dunkin’ is tapping into the

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