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Popeyes Takes Print and OOH Ads in Crispy New Directions

Popeyes might have created the crispiest print campaign ever in magazine spreads that replicate the distinctive crunch of the chain’s fried chicken. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is OOH advertising? Why do companies spend money on OOH advertising? What are benefits to OOH advertising?

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As shares plunge, Netflix takes aim at password sharing, ads

An unexpected drop in subscribers sent Netflix shares into freefall Wednesday, forcing the company to consider experimenting with ads and — hold onto your remote — cracking down on millions of freeloaders who use passwords shared by friends or family. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What

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9 campaigns that struck a chord in 2021

Despite 2021’s unfulfilled promises across many fronts, some creative efforts have proved enduring. They captured the cultural moment or felt keyed into what’s coming, with brands jumping on viral TikTok trends based on classic TV spots or rolling the dice on the emerging concept of a metaverse. A sense of

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Does Santa Shop at the Home Depot in Fairbanks, Alaska?

Lots of brands put their employees in ads, but this one stands a tad above the rest, buoyed by understated performances that are positively priceless. Cute quips include: “There’a a lot of Nicks in this town” and “This is Alaska. There’s a lot of guys with beards.” Click here to

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