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9 campaigns that struck a chord in 2021

Despite 2021’s unfulfilled promises across many fronts, some creative efforts have proved enduring. They captured the cultural moment or felt keyed into what’s coming, with brands jumping on viral TikTok trends based on classic TV spots or rolling the dice on the emerging concept of a metaverse. A sense of

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Does Santa Shop at the Home Depot in Fairbanks, Alaska?

Lots of brands put their employees in ads, but this one stands a tad above the rest, buoyed by understated performances that are positively priceless. Cute quips include: “There’a a lot of Nicks in this town” and “This is Alaska. There’s a lot of guys with beards.” Click here to

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Global Pop Superstar Katy Perry Headlines Gap’s Holiday 2021 Campaign, ALL TOGETHER NOW – A Tribute To The Power of Working Together To Foster Love, Kindness and Acceptance

This holiday, Gap has joined forces with global pop superstar and cultural icon Katy Perry to underscore the importance of love, kindness, and acceptance with its new campaign, ALL TOGETHER NOW. Gap shines at the intersection of culture, fashion, and music, with Katy’s remix of “All You Need Is Love,” bringing Gap’s

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How Panda Express Reversed a Sales Slump With Direct Mail

When Panda Express noticed locations without a drive-thru were struggling, the brand sought to spur online delivery orders by connecting to customers’ offline mailboxes with direct mail. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is advertising? What are five different forms of advertising? What is direct

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Coke’s Attempt To Engage With Gamers Flames Out On YouTube

In online gaming parlance, Coke’s new advertising effort to engage with the gaming community is getting “smoked”—and that’s an extreme understatement. As of today, a YouTube video accompanying the beverage giant’s new Real Magic “global brand philosophy and platform” had earned a whopping 56,000 dislikes to 3,900 likes. Click here

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