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Volvo Steals the Playbook on Super Bowl Marketing

Coming into Super Bowl week, the Volvo marketing team is pulling off another trick play. The company has promised to give out $2 million of its Swedish machines if anyone scores a safety in the big ball game Sunday. Safety, of course, is the brand’s north star. The message is

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How fashion got marketing right in 2020

After a year like no other, marketing executives are analysing the learnings for the future. The fashion sector has embraced digital and moved ever-closer to the consumer – with benefits that will extend into 2021. The shift of advertising from physical to digital, a process already in progress pre-pandemic, has

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Ikea ditches catalogue after almost 70 years

Ikea is ending its bible-sized annual catalog after 70 years in publication. The Swedish retailer cited the increasing shift to online browsing and shopping for the end of its catalog. Ikea said in a statement it has “taken the emotional but rational decision to respectfully end the successful career” of

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Chipotle turns fans into ‘royalty’ with TikTok challenge

Chipotle’s latest branded hashtag challenge on TikTok marks the first time the burrito chain has given fans a chance to feature their favorite food combinations on its menu. By running the campaign on TikTok, Chipotle can reach an audience of teens and young adults who are most likely to use

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Start-Up Proudly Sells Product To Throw Out In A Few Weeks

It’s not likely you’ll ever brag how long you’ve had your toothbrush, but marketers also don’t usually advise a brand to advertise a product’s planned obsolescence. Start-up Goodwell Co. is now proclaiming in its first-ever ad campaign that it proudly sells “Toothbrushes that don’t last.” Click here to read the

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Candy ad spend decreases 19% while product sales increase before Halloween

Though this year’s Halloween celebrations will be very different, candy companies’ Halloween aspirations aren’t crushed, with candy consumption expected to increase despite a decrease in trick-or-treating, per Numerator. For marketers, there are still opportunities to advertise candy, but campaigns will likely look and feel different this year as consumer behaviors

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