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U.S. Army Aims New Marketing Campaign at Aspiring Leaders

The U.S. Army launched a new marketing campaign calling on high-performing, goal-oriented youth from all backgrounds to consider Army Officership, a specialized path of service for aspiring leaders. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is a marketing campaign? What is a target market? Why does

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KFC just rolled out a new menu item to attract a younger crowd

KFC is trying out a new type of chicken nugget in an effort to attract younger consumers.  Click here to read the story at Discussion Topics: What is market segmentation? What are the various ways a business can segment a market? What is a target market? Who represents KFC’s target audience (based

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Americans want coffee that tastes like candy

With more people preparing coffee at home because of the pandemic, the market for fun-flavored creamers and beans — Almond Joy! S’Mores! Strawberry cheesecake! — is exploding as we bring our Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks taste buds to the living room. Click here to read the story at Discussion

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Coke’s Attempt To Engage With Gamers Flames Out On YouTube

In online gaming parlance, Coke’s new advertising effort to engage with the gaming community is getting “smoked”—and that’s an extreme understatement. As of today, a YouTube video accompanying the beverage giant’s new Real Magic “global brand philosophy and platform” had earned a whopping 56,000 dislikes to 3,900 likes. Click here

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