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Samsung mocks Apple’s crushing iPad Pro ad with its own ‘UnCrush’ pitch


Samsung heard that Apple upset a lot of people with the “Crush”, which was revealed last week and smushed instruments, arcade games, and sculptures into a shiny new OLED-screened iPad Pro, and apparently just had to get into the conversation. Apple eventually apologized, with an exec saying it “missed the mark.”

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is competition?
  2. What is the difference between direct and indirect competition?
  3. Which best describes the rivalry between Samsung and Apple?
  4. What is advertising?
  5. Why do brands like Samsung and Apple advertise?
  6. Describe the “Crush” advertisement from Apple.
  7. What do you think Apple hoped the message would be to consumers with the “Crush” ad?
  8. How was the ad actually received? Why do you think there was so much backlash?
  9. What is crisis management?
  10. How did Apple respond to the backlash and how might that represent and example of crisis management?
  11. Why do you think Apple created the “Uncrush” ad?
  12. Do you think there is a risk associated with mocking a competitor like
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