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Google Search’s New AI Overviews Will Soon Have Ads


Google is set to start mixing ads into its new AI-generated search answers. It’s a test of how the company’s biggest revenue stream can adapt to the age of generative AI.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. What is artificial intelligence (AI)?
  3. How might AI change how consumers search the internet based on new features that Google recently unveiled?
  4. Why do you think Google is incorporating ads with its new AI search feature?
  5. How might integrating ads in AI-generated search overviews impact user (consumer) experience on Google?
  6. How might that change impact advertisers?
  7. What are the potential advantages and disadvantages for advertisers with this new ad format in Google?
  8. Now that Google’s new AI “overviews” will feature advertisements, how might businesses and brands adjust their strategies to ensure their messages reach the intended target audience?
  9. Why do you think they are just testing the new feature for now? How does that impact traditional search queries on Google?
  10. Why must Google maintain transparency by labeling ads as “sponsored” in AI Overviews?
  11. How might Google’s integration of AI-generated answers and ads influence the future of digital marketing and advertising?
  12. What, if any, are the potential ethical implications of Google’s decision to integrate advertisements with its AI Overviews search feature?
Chris Lindauer
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