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Hamburger Helper’s iconic mascot ‘Lefty’ returns in national ad campaign


Eagle Foods is re-launching the iconic Hamburger Helper brand and its legendary talking glove mascot, Lefty. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is Hamburger Helper?
  2. According to this story, Hamburger Helper sales are down significantly from its peak when the brand was more relevant in the 1980s. Why do you think that is?
  3. Who might represent Hamburger Helper’s target audience?
  4. Why is marketing important if a brand hopes to connect with its target audience?
  5. What is inflation?
  6. What is positioning?
  7. How might inflation provide Hamburger Helper with an effective positioning opportunity?
  8. What is rebranding?
  9. Why do businesses rebrand?
  10. What is a mascot?
  11. What does a mascot have to do with branding?
  12. Why is Eagle Foods re-launching the “Lefty” mascot and redesigned packaging?
  13. In addition to bringing “Lefty” back and updating its packaging, what else is Eagle Foods doing to boost Hamburger Helper’s sales?
  14. What is advertising?
  15. According to this story, the brand contracted an agency to “craft a comprehensive multimedia campaign that resonates with the needs of today’s consumers.” What does that mean? What is a multimedia campaign?
  16. Why do you think Eagle Foods contracted an agency instead of creating the marketing campaign in-house?
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