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America’s #1 Ketchup Brand Is About To Launch A Paper Bottle 

The nation has long been divided as to which is the best condiment: ketchup or mustard. But the country’s number one ketchup brand is about to launch something that may sway mustard lovers to the other side: an eco-friendly paper bottle. Click here to read the story at eat Discussion Questions:

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See inside Facebook’s first ever physical retail location

Facebook is getting into physical retail for the first time, next month opening its own Meta location to offer its VR headsets and glasses directly to potential buyers as it tries to stoke interest in products vital to its metaverse ambitions. Click here to read the story at business Discussion Questions: What is retail?

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Marriott Sees Record Direct Bookings at Its Hotels

Take that, online travel agencies. The world’s largest hotelier not only drove more direct bookings but also saw strong growth in its loyalty program. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is a brand? What is brand loyalty? What are five examples of hotel brands? Why

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Burger King offers free fries every week to loyalty members

Burger King debuted its loyalty program in February 2021 before expanding it nationwide last fall. Since then, the company has offered a wide array of perks to draw in customers, including low-priced burgers and a chance to win cryptocurrency. Rewards members can also upsize one drink, fries or hash browns for free per

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Why McDonald’s leveraged buzzy Szechuan sauce to boost its app

McDonald’s last month brought back its Szechuan sauce — the source of countless internet memes — for a limited time. The offer had one key condition: The savory condiment was only available through the burger chain’s mobile app. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: Why do you think

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IHOP opens International Bank of Pancakes and launches loyalty program

IHOP is taking an influencer-led approach to touting its first loyalty program. Prioritizing social media and creators suggests the chain is trying to reach a younger crowd of consumers that have drifted away from casual dine-in experiences. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is brand loyalty?

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The Hidden Meaning In The Dairy Queen Logo

The Dairy Queen logo is instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever eaten the chain’s frozen treats to cool down on a hot summer day. The iconic cherry-red ellipse shape graces the more than 7,000 DQ locations around the world (via Dairy Queen). Click here to read the story at

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