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Switzerland Tourism gets logo design down to a tee


Tourism logos can be difficult to get right, but Zurich-based MADE Identity has come up with the goods in its rebranding of Switzerland Tourism. The national tourism marketing body is replacing its various dated logo variants with a ‘one brand’ approach and a versatile brand ecosystem that really pops.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is tourism?
  2. Why is tourism important to Switzerland?
  3. What is destination marketing? How might this story represent an example?
  4. How can destination marketing help increase the number of tourists?
  5. What is rebranding?
  6. Why do you think Switzerland Tourism is rebranding?
  7. How does the new ‘one brand’ approach by Switzerland Tourism enhance its brand identity?
  8. What elements might make a tourism logo effective?
  9. How important is it for a national tourism logo to reflect the culture and values of the country? Do you think the new branding achieves this for Switzerland?
  10. How can effective branding, like the new logo design by MADE Identity, impact tourism for a country like Switzerland?
  11. What is a target market?
  12. Who might represent the target market for tourism marketers in Switzerland?
  13. Do you think they considered the target audience when creating a new logo? Why or why not?
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