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Why Gatorade is reviving its iconic ’90s campaign for a new generation


For its biggest marketing push to date, Gatorade is throwing it back to the ’90s.

The PepsiCo brand’s latest campaign, called “It Hasn’t Changed,” is based on a decades-old tagline, “Is it in you?,” which anchored a campaign hinging on the idea that drinking Gatorade would help athletes perform at their peak. 

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is nostalgia marketing?
  2. Why is it such a popular marketing trend?
  3. How might this campaign from Gatorade represent an example of nostalgia marketing?
  4. What is a tagline?
  5. How is a tagline different from a slogan?
  6. What is advertising?
  7. What are the different advertising channels Gatorade is using as part of this campaign?
  8. How do you think they determined which channels to use for the campaign?
  9. Why do brands use taglines and slogans in advertising campaigns?
  10. What is the tagline that Gatorade is using for this campaign?
  11. Why do you think they are using that tagline?
  12. How might that represent an example of the brand’s positioning strategy?
  13. Why do you think it is important for Gatorade to feature athletes in this campaign?
  14. How do you think they chose the athletes to feature in the advertisements?
Chris Lindauer
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