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Coke’s Attempt To Engage With Gamers Flames Out On YouTube

In online gaming parlance, Coke’s new advertising effort to engage with the gaming community is getting “smoked”—and that’s an extreme understatement. As of today, a YouTube video accompanying the beverage giant’s new Real Magic “global brand philosophy and platform” had earned a whopping 56,000 dislikes to 3,900 likes. Click here

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Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew coming to torch your taste buds

Confession: I think Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are really hard to eat. Maybe it’s the unrelentingly red visual barrier, or the way they cake onto the fingertips. Perhaps Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew will fix those issues for me. It’s in a can, no finger contact required. Click here to read the

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How Brand USA Markets America To Foreign Visitors

At Brand USA, a public-private partnership with the mission of “marketing the United States as a desirable destination for international tourists, conferences and business,” the ongoing pandemic has obviously been disruptive. I recently asked Brand USA CMO Tom Garzilli to fill us in. Click here to read the story at

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What Is a ‘Renocation?’ Ikea and Pinterest Explain

Renovations plus vacations plus staycations equals “Renocations,” according to Ikea, which kicked off is “Ikea Renocations” campaign on Pinterest this week. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is a target market? Why is it important for brands like Ikea to understand their target market? Who might

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