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Here’s the Opportunity Covid-19 Could Offer Travel and Tourism Brands

It’s not a rosy time for the travel and tourism industry. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on travelers to make their living, from the event planning companies that orchestrate multinational conferences, to the individuals who work behind hotel, car rental, and cruise ship reception desks. Entire communities, like those in the Virgin Islands

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Brands have some new tricks up their sleeves this Halloween

Despite its focus on fun and frights, Halloween has not been a holiday that’s yielded many surprises on the marketing front in recent years. The staleness that’s settled over the season has started to lift with the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced brands to rethink their strategies with an eye

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Reese’s delivers trick-or-treating to fans with robotic door

The Hershey-owned brand is asking Instagram users to provide information about where to bring the “Trick-or-Treat Door,” an effort that likely will raise awareness for its stunt campaign. As people share posts in the photo-sharing app, there’s a greater likelihood other consumers will see the campaign and participate with their

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Start-Up Proudly Sells Product To Throw Out In A Few Weeks

It’s not likely you’ll ever brag how long you’ve had your toothbrush, but marketers also don’t usually advise a brand to advertise a product’s planned obsolescence. Start-up Goodwell Co. is now proclaiming in its first-ever ad campaign that it proudly sells “Toothbrushes that don’t last.” Click here to read the

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