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The Console Wars Are on, but Sony and Microsoft Are Playing Different Games


As Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox prepare to unveil their next-generation products, the stakes are sky-high for both companies. But in the latest round of console wars between the hardware giants, Sony and Microsoft are playing very different games.

Xbox Series X is out Nov. 10, followed two days later by the PlayStation 5. Both have impressive specs and notable new features.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is competition?
  2. What is a product launch?
  3. How do you think a successful product launch might impact sales? Why is it important to the long term success of the product?
  4. What is product differentiation?
  5. According to this story, how is Sony attempting to differentiate its product from competitors?
  6. Who do you think represents Sony’s direct competition?
  7. What do you think Microsoft might do to differentiate its product from Sony?
Chris Lindauer
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