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As shares plunge, Netflix takes aim at password sharing, ads

An unexpected drop in subscribers sent Netflix shares into freefall Wednesday, forcing the company to consider experimenting with ads and — hold onto your remote — cracking down on millions of freeloaders who use passwords shared by friends or family. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What

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How Ikea tricks you into buying more stuff

On a recent Saturday afternoon, Alex Santos journeyed to his local Ikea with a singular mission: the procurement of a new Poäng chair. It was a simple in-and-out task. But 3 hours later, the 37-year-old IT manager found himself in the parking lot, slightly stupefied, with a shopping cart full of hand

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How companies are hiding inflation without charging you more

Do consumers notice when their everyday products get smaller? Often they don’t and companies are taking advantage by reducing the amount of product they sell while keeping prices the same. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is inflation? What causes inflation? How does inflation impact

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Virgin Galactic opens ticket sales to the general public

Planning a vacation this year? How about something a little more weightless? Virgin Galactic, the space tourism company founded by British entrepreneur Richard Branson, announced Tuesday that it will begin selling tickets this week for joyrides to the edge of space. The cost: a whopping $450,000. Click here to read

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We Finally Know Why Five Guys Is So Expensive

Back in 1986, a stocks and bonds salesman named Jerry Murrell decided to open a little burger diner with his wife and sons, which he branded Five Guys (representing each one of his sons). Who would’ve thought that over 35 years later, his burger biz would have exploded to 1,700 locations and

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