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Old Navy Made Clothing Sizes for Everyone. It Backfired.

Old Navy set out to make clothes shopping more inclusive for women of all body types. It ended up with too many extra-small and extra-large items and too few of the rest, a mismatch that frustrated customers and contributed to falling sales and a management shake-up. Click here to read

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New Nitro Pepsi has widget on bottom of can to create unique texture

PepsiCo on Wednesday introduced the first nitrogen-infused cola, which it says results in smaller bubbles. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: What is innovation? What is innovative about Pepsi’s new product? What is innovative about the packaging of Nitro Pepsi? What is differentiation? How is Pepsi

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Starbucks is launching an energy drink

Starbucks is giving customers new ways to perk up: a line of energy drinks called Starbucks Baya Energy and a bunch of fresh flavors in the grocery aisle. Baya will be available for purchase at stores and online starting this week, and will go on sale at US Starbucks stores on March 1. The

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The 12 most anticipated tech products of 2022

Depending on the breaks, 2022 could be a very eventful year for new tech products and even whole new tech categories. From gaming to electric vehicles to mixed reality wearables, next year’s releases could even begin a shift in the way we view tech’s role in personal and business life.

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