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Oscar Mayer’s New Stuffed Dogs Bring Bold Flavors and Crave-Worthy Cheese to Grocery Store Shelves


Oscar Mayer®, the brand dedicated to uniting millions around a love of meat, today introduces its new Stuffed Dogs line to grocery retailers nationwide.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is market research?
  2. What are the different types of market research?
  3. Why do you think market research would be important to Oscar Meyer when developing new products?
  4. What market research methods might Oscar Mayer have used to determine the demand for Stuffed Dogs?
  5. In addition to market research, what are some of the possible steps Oscar Mayer took in the product development process for the Stuffed Dogs?
  6. What are demographics?
  7. How might the new Stuffed Dogs product appeal to different demographics?
  8. How would you describe the Oscar Mayer brand?
  9. How do Stuffed Dogs align with Oscar Mayer’s existing brand image?
  10. Why do you think they are launching the new Stuffed Dogs now, just before summertime?
  11. What are some key elements of a successful product launch that Oscar Mayer should consider to effectively market their new Stuffed Dogs?
  12. If you were responsible for creating a marketing campaign for the launch of the new product, what are three ideas you would recommend to Oscar Mayer?
  13. How important is consumer feedback during the initial phase of the product launch? What are some ways Oscar Mayer can gather and analyze that information?
  14. Assuming Stuffed Dogs are popular with consumers, what are some potential line extensions or variations that Oscar Mayer could consider to keep the product line fresh and engaging?
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