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The Brands the World Couldn’t Stop Talking About in 2020

It’s been quite a year. Though that phrase is tossed around every year, in 2020, it strikes a deeper chord. These past 12 months were dominated by the coronavirus pandemic—an episode that will continue into 2021, and with it, altered plans for everything from global events to how we shop

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Ikea ditches catalogue after almost 70 years

Ikea is ending its bible-sized annual catalog after 70 years in publication. The Swedish retailer cited the increasing shift to online browsing and shopping for the end of its catalog. Ikea said in a statement it has “taken the emotional but rational decision to respectfully end the successful career” of

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In-N-Out Burger Causes Chaos In Colorado

In what is likely the best kind of bad publicity a restaurant can get, In-N-Out Burger’s new Colorado locations sparked pandemonium. Customers waited for more than 12 hours. Cops rerouted traffic. And the Daily Mail, more or less the National Enquirerof the U.K., reported on a man losing his pants in a

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Gluten Free Oreos coming to stores in January

While consumers are willing to eat gluten-free, there is some debate as to whether they are doing so for health reasons or due to allergies. Studies have shown that the majority of consumers eating gluten-free foods are not intolerant to the protein, but products featuring this free-from claim continue to

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Brand Loyalty

Pandemic Teens Love TikTok, Nike, Jordan; #BLM Rises

Months of the pandemic have tossed teen brand preferences into a blender, with Piper Sandler’s new “Taking Stock With Teens” report detecting major shifts in how Gen Z feels about brands. Even as Nike and Nike’s Jordan brands continue to reign, newcomers like TikTok, Shein and CeraVe are rising. Click

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Candy ad spend decreases 19% while product sales increase before Halloween

Though this year’s Halloween celebrations will be very different, candy companies’ Halloween aspirations aren’t crushed, with candy consumption expected to increase despite a decrease in trick-or-treating, per Numerator. For marketers, there are still opportunities to advertise candy, but campaigns will likely look and feel different this year as consumer behaviors

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