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Why Spotify makes Wrapped its annual marketing moment


“There’s a reason why it’s such a company priority,” said Alex Bodman, Spotify’s global vp of creative. “We don’t just see an increased user base day on day. We also see a lot of people coming back to the platform.” (Bodman declined to offer further details around growth and usage.)

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is Spotify Wrapped?
  2. Do you personally have any exposure to Spotify Wrapped?
  3. How do you think Wrapped represents a marketing strategy for Spotify?
  4. What is consumer engagement?
  5. How might Spotify Wrapped help to elevate levels of consumer engagement?
  6. What is consumer data?
  7. Why is it valuable to businesses and brands?
  8. How might Wrapped help Spotify to gather data about their customers?
  9. What role does social media play in Spotify’s annual Wrapped campaign?
  10. What is a target market?
  11. What are demographics?
  12. What is the metaverse?
  13. What is Roblox?
  14. Why do you think Spotify took Wrapped to Roblox?
  15. What demographic is Spotify targeting by taking Wrapped to Roblox?
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