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Ikea Created an Augmented Reality ‘Escape Room’ on Snapchat

Ikea is turning decluttering into a game with a new augmented reality“escape room” on Snapchat that tasks users with organizing items with the furniture giant’s products. The entire experience takes place in a miniature model of a bedroom that can be superimposed on a tabletop, floor or other flat surface through a

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Visit Orlando unveils $2.2 million tourism marketing campaign

Visit Orlando has unveiled a $2.2 million marketing campaign called, “The Wonder Remains.” Instead of targeting visitors worldwide, the campaign is aimed at the southeastern United States, specifically states within driving distance of Florida. Click here to read the story at Discussion Questions: Who is Visit Orlando? Why is

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Chipotle turns fans into ‘royalty’ with TikTok challenge

Chipotle’s latest branded hashtag challenge on TikTok marks the first time the burrito chain has given fans a chance to feature their favorite food combinations on its menu. By running the campaign on TikTok, Chipotle can reach an audience of teens and young adults who are most likely to use

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Bed Bath & Beyond to Scale Back Use of Coupons

Bed Bath & Beyond (BB&B) is known for its frequent coupons, sent in the mail and via email to lure customers into stores by promising 15 percent or 20 percent discounts off bedding and other home accessories. However, in a bid to boost profits and be more competitive on pricing

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