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Play-Doh’s Restaurant of Imagination turns creations into edible and healthy meals


Well now families can have it both ways. Play-Doh’s latest campaign allows families to create pretend Play-Doh meals, using the brand’s new ‘Busy Chef’s Restaurant’ play set, and watch their creations be transformed into real life meals at their pop-up ‘Restaurant of Imagination’.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a target market?
  2. Who might represent Play-Doh’s target market?
  3. Why is it important for businesses and brands to understand target markets?
  4. What is a marketing campaign?
  5. Why do businesses and brands launch marketing campaigns?
  6. Based on what you learned from this news story, describe what Play-Doh is doing to reach customers with this marketing campaign.
  7. What is a pop-up?
  8. What is market research?
  9. What does market research tell us about children’s eating habits, according to this news story?
  10. How might that data be valuable to a business or brand?
  11. How has that information inspired this marketing campaign from Play-Doh?
  12. What is experiential marketing?
  13. How might this story represent an example of that concept?
  14. Why is Play-Doh’s pop-up restaurant only going to be open for one day?
  15. What do you think Play-Doh hopes to accomplish with this campaign?
Chris Lindauer
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