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Johnson & Johnson is getting rid of its script logo after more than 130 years


Johnson & Johnson is signing off on a new logo.

The health care giant said Thursday that it will replace the well-known signature script it has used since 1887 with a modern look that reflects its sharpened focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What kind of company is Johnson & Johnson?
  2. The company has used the same logo for more than 130 years. Why do you think they haven’t changed it over time?
  3. What is branding?
  4. How do you think logos impact a company’s branding?
  5. Why do you think Johnson and Johnson is introducing a new logo?
  6. Why are they moving away from the well-known signature script used in its previous branding?
  7. What message do you think they hope to communicate to consumers with the new logo?
  8. What is a target audience?
  9. What target audience do you think Johnson & Johnson might be hoping to connect with by introducing a new logo?
  10. Why?
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